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List Of All Leagues And Clubs Affected By Coronavirus So Far

List Of All Leagues And Clubs Affected By Coronavirus So Far

The new Covid-19 virus is rapidly spreading across the globe, and it is now seeping into the game of football as well.

Football leagues across Europe are either being cancelled, suspended or postponed – either way, several leagues in countries are being affected. Here is the list of all leagues and clubs affected by coronavirus so far.


Italy is currently the worst affected in Europe in the coronavirus spread. Naturally, the leagues and competitions here were the first the get suspended. Italy is now banned to have any public gathering events until April 3rd according to a government-issued decree on Monday, and that includes sporting events like football. The entire country is in lockdown. Serie A, Serie B and Coppa Italia all have been postponed as precautionary measures against the Covid-19 disease.


On Tuesday, it was declared that all public gatherings and sporting events were closed to the public for viewing live and are now to be played in empty stadium. This includes La Liga and La Segunda.


In Germany, the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 are active currently. The situation there is being handled region by region and hasn’t yet caused any disruption to the high-level leagues. Even then, the virus is spreading across the nation. The government has prevented public gatherings of more than 1000 people till April 19, hence it will be a blow for the Bayern Munich and Augsburg tie.


Premier League and the Football League are still being played, however, just today, the Arsenal v Man City clash has been called off until further notice due to Nottingham Forest owner coming down with Covid-19. The UK has been witnessing the spread of Covid-19 as well, with the health minister herself having been tested positive for coronavirus today.


Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 are still active. However, they have also been ordered to play behind closed doors until April 15. France is rapidly becoming the next country after Italy to be affected by coronavirus, with active confirmed cases rising everyday. Paris-Saint Germain’s upcoming CL game with Borussia Dortmund will be played in an empty stadium.

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