Liverpool are READY for a fight claims Jurgen Klopp!

Jurgen Klopp wants his Liverpool players to demonstrate their quality and fighting spirit when they host Burnley.

The Liverpool boss has claimed his side are ready for a fight when they take on Burnley.

“People say I don’t have a Plan B or whatever [but] yes, we know how to play,” Klopp said.

“We have to cover specific spaces and make the right decisions. We can’t just say we can only concentrate on counter attacks, set pieces, whatever. It’s an all-round challenge.

“My job, how I understand it, is to help them find the right decisions easier. That’s what training is for [now] we have to prove it on the pitch.

“Before Arsenal, the mood was optimistic. In this moment, I’m not sure we will win against Burnley but I am quite optimistic because I know about the boys.

“We always have to be competitive and that’s what we have to be in this game too, no-one should expect an easy game. We are ready for the fight”

“We really respect Burnley a lot because we lost there, because of their season and their style of play,” Klopp said.

“It will be hard, I’m sure of it, if we don’t score early or another goal early then it will be difficult. Yes they have lost away games but it’s not like they lost them high, they’ve all been close games.

“They defend, counter-attack, long balls in behind, set-pieces. It can’t be easy against them. We need to be ready. We need to create an atmosphere and use the advantage of Anfield.”

“Roberto Firmino struggles a little,” Klopp said.

“He felt something after the game and this week he couldn’t train. We need to wait a little bit more and see. [if he will be able to play].”

“He’s played a lot of different positions [in his career],” Klopp said.

“Was he a winger? A half 8? He played as a striker. That’s good and very important for us. 600, though!

“That is quite a number and a few to come, that’s impressive. He doesn’t look like he’s played 600.”

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