Man City Left Fuming Over EFL’s Decision To Play Two Matches In Two Days

Manchester City have been left fuming with the decision of not being able to field a young side in the Carabao Cup semi-final second round against Burton Albion.

The reigning Premier League champions would play at Sunderland in the Checkatrade trophy one day before the match and might have to risk fielding a full strength side.

Manchester City have been outraged by the EFL’s decision of making them play in back to back matches within the time gap of 24 hours and thus throwing their plans of fielding a young side in the Carabao Cup semi-final second round against Burton in absolute disarray. The schedule set by EFL sees them play at Sunderland in the quarter-final of the Checkatrade trophy just the day before the Burton match as Pep Guardiola could risk fielding all his star names.

However, the EFL were clear in their stance not to allow City field an under 23 side in the Checkatrade trophy match and were also not able to set any other date for the clash as well. An EFL spokesperson said, “The scheduling of Manchester City’s visit to Sunderland in the Checkatrade Trophy has been dated for Tuesday 22nd January. This decision was made after full consideration of the representations of both Clubs, along with enquiries of our own.”

He added, “With no mutual agreement between the Clubs, the decision fell to the Executive of the EFL. There is a significant amount of sympathy with the position outlined by Manchester City and the fact that the dating of this game could remove one opportunity for the Clubs younger players to play in a first team competitive game with the Carabao Cup Semi-Final 2nd leg the day after.

“The EFL is committed to delivering valuable playing opportunities for young players and would have assisted, if it had been practically possible but the alternative dates all had issues with them.

“The EFL is grateful for the support of both Clubs towards the Checkatrade Trophy and Pep Guardiola’s backing of the Carabao Cup.”

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