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Man United on who Mourinho should build around!


Manchester United legend Nemanja Vidic believes Jose Mourinho should build around Eric Bailly and Chris Smalling at the heart of Manchester United’s defence.

Speaking on the current defensive situation at United, Vidic outlined that he feels Bailly and either Chris Smalling or Phil Jones could become a solid partnership for Mourinho’s side in the coming years.

Eric Bailly started really well with a steady two or three months,” said Vidic of Bailly, who United signed from Villarreal.

“Then he was unlucky with injury and the African Cup of Nations. He’s aggressive. He has potential, he’s young, and he likes to defend. He has the qualities to go even further.

“But I still think that Phil Jones and/or Chris Smalling could build a partnership with Bailly.

“Smalling has the mentality to defend, the physical size to do it. He likes to defend.

“But if you’re asking me which one central defender I most like to watch, then it’s Bailly.”

Vidic believes there is room for improvement in Rojo, who has enjoyed his best form at United in recent months.

 “Rojo is a player who has done well at full-back for Argentina,” he added. “Is he good enough to play central defence? Look, of course he’s a good player; he plays for Man United most games. Can he play better? Of course.”
If anyone is qualified to comment on United’s defence, Vidic is certainly one of them, having been firmly established in a Manchester United side that regularly challenged for, and won silverware.
Will Mourinho listen to Vidic’s advice?
What do you think Mourinho’s best option is for a center back pairing?


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