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Mourinho to Chelsea? Not a chance!


A week full of action with both positive and negative news for the Real Madrid camp. It all started last Tuesday when it was the 110th birthday of the club. Not the oldest club in the world but something we know for sure is that it’s the most successful club in the history of football. But at the same day we all got very bad news when the grandfather of the current Bolton Player Marcos Alonso, Marquitos left us. Marquitos was a part of the club when Real Madrid got their new nickname ‘Los Vikingos’ after conquered Europe with 5 European titles. Marquitos was seen as the best defender in the world of this time.

The weekend was ended by a 2-3 win over Betis in Benito Villamarin stadium. It was predicted to be a very difficult game. And indeed it was. The victory came after a strong working effort by the players.  But it was great to see Real Madrid win after not playing brilliant football and it was also very “good” to see CR7 score two goals without even making a superb appearance. The game also had a few controversies involving Betis first goal, a handball by Alonso and Ramos. According to me correct decisions by the referee.

We have also heard many rumors about Mourinho connecting him to some English clubs especially Chelsea, buying a house in Chelsea area in London. Mourinho have always talked openly about his will to return to England. But it all started the first home game after the 1-2 loss in Copa del Rey against Barca, when Mourinho got booed by the fans for playing a rather defensive tactic and the starting eleven contained Altintop and Pepe as a defensive midfielder.

When then the rumors concerning an argue between Mourinho and the Spanish players was published in MARCA we all could notice a change in his attitude. The 23rd of January the Spanish journalist Siro Lopez revealed in exclusive that Mourinho have had enough and going to leave the club 30th of June. Mourinho changed, he was very unhappy with the situation that was built. You could notice this by seeing his press conferences, he answered shortly to every question, not more than a few words and when he got the question if he was pleased as a manager for Real Madrid he answered “hummm”. Real Madrid TV had made a surprise for him and they came with a cake for his birthday he could not even offer a smile. He was now in his worst moment as a Real Madrid manager in sentence of his personal mood. So the 4 major reasons to his unhappiness according to me:

1.       The elimination in the Kings Cup against Barcelona

2.       The argue revealed in the press

3.       The booes against him

4.       The booes against Cristiano Ronaldo

But his mood was going to change when he decided to have a meeting with the captains and talk through things. Suddenly Real Madrid was a winning machine. They have won every game since and at the same time Barca have dropped points. The fans started to sing songs about Cristiano something they have never done before and last Friday in the pre-conference for the Betis game Mourinho was back as the old Mourinho, joking, giving complement towards the club, the fans and the players. And he was also indirectly confirming that he was going to stay at the club by saying that he and the club has the same ambitions towards the future. And things got clearer when Ronaldo got the question in yesterday’s press conference saying that Mourinho will stay in front of Mourinho himself.

So to all you English fans I say dream on at least one more year to be able to sign Mourinho as your Manager. Mourinho will stay if he wins the Champions League or not. He wants to write his name in the history of Real Madrid and still have a contract that binds him to 2014. He has also renewed the enrollment of his kid’s school for the next semester. So many people would ask why he bought a house in London and the answer to that is his oldest daughter is going to study there after this summer. Another reason to his continue at the club is that the clubs faith in his work and as well as the club as the players they always confirmed that he will stay and even Emilio Butragueño revealed that he is planning the preseason.

Real Madrid – CSKA Moscow in the terrifying round of the 16Quarter-final. Is the mental block of this stage over for Real Madrid? Well, yes I think so but afraid to be too sure. I think we are going to see an offensive starting eleven by Real Madrid. I think that Real Madrid is going to play with three forwards and always going to search for the goal. In the same time CSKA have to score to proceed to next stage and we all know the result of teams that plays attacking football against Madrid’s electric and strong counter attacking football. The key for Real Madrid would be that Xabi Alonso is on his best with his long passes in counter attacks and a strong and concentrated defense.  In CSKA I don’t fear so much more than the attacking trio Dzagoev, Tosic and Doumbia. Speed, creativity and flair are what define them. I predict a 3-0 win for Real Madrid, with scores by Ronaldo, Benzema and Ramos.


/ Taeir



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