Home Football Neymar And Mbappe Are Not Leaving PSG Anytime Soon

Neymar And Mbappe Are Not Leaving PSG Anytime Soon

Neymar And Mbappe Are Not Leaving PSG Anytime Soon

PSG midfielder Ander Herrera reveals that contrary to several rumours resurfacing lately, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe are going to stay put at Paris Saint-Germain.

He was asked whether either of the two PSG stars was going to make a move.

“I don’t know, because I don’t know what they earn or what the club brings in – it is a company after all – but I know both are key to the project, and from what I can see they are happy and really involved at PSG,” said Herrera.

With the coronavirus pandemic stifling many club funds, it’s a question everyone has about PSG selling.

“It’s true that there’s lots of news about them in the media and on social media, but we don’t hype it up much. You need to think about a really key thing, and I’ve talked about this with Kylian, PSG isn’t a club that sells its stars, quite the opposite, it buys them. The club is strong enough economically to keep both of them.”

When asked if he has any dressing room talks about Neymar going back to Barcelona and Mbappe to Madrid, he said: “What I see as being normal is that people talk about them, just like people talked about Verratti and Marquinhos. They’re the best in the world – and I’ve got four more years on my contract and I want to enjoy them with those two along side me at PSG.”

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