Olympique Lyon Push For Ligue 1 Restart

Olympique Lyon Push For Ligue 1 Restart

Lyon is now pushing for Ligue 1 to be restarted, and have launched a statement appealing the decision to have finished the season prematurely.

Olympique Lyon has estimated a loss of €900 million that clubs will face if the season is not resumed. They also declared a possibility of clubs going bankrupt in the future.

“There remains time, until May 25, to walk back and avoid an immense rout of the French championship,” the statement said.

“But, on April 30, the LFP [Ligue de Football Professionnel] suddenly decided to definitively stop the French professional championship,” Lyon’s statement added, “without taking into account all of UEFA’s recommendations, or giving itself time to observe what our dozens of neighbours were planning: relaunching the championship while working on an entirely exceptional health protocol to protect the various players in football.”

It read: “We all love football, we all love this game. We love the values it conveys, the passion it exudes. Football is part of our life and our cultural heritage. The championship is our ritual.

“We absolutely must take care of it as all those did who came before us. We are their heirs.”

Lyon President Aulas had earlier revealed a date for their second leg of CL fixture with Juventus. However, Lyon now released a statement on their website saying that the date “has not yet been confirmed, contrary to what has previously been stated”.

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