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PAPIS CISSE AND JOHNNY EVANS: Pair charged over spitting incident by the FA


Papis Cisse and Johnny Evans have both been charged by the FA over an alleged spitting incident last night. 

Cisse, aged 29, has apologised for spitting at Evans in Newcastle’s 1-0 defeat to Manchester United, though Evans denies any accusation against him. 

Should they be found guilty of the offence, both players face a six-game ban and have ungil Friday to respond to any charge. 

A statement from the FA regarding the matter read:

“The charges are in relation to an alleged breach of FA Rule E1[a] in that in or around the 38th minute of the game the two players spat at each other.”

Newcastle forwardv Cisse released a statement, apologising for his error. 

“I have apologies to make to a lot of people today,” the Senegal international said. “I reacted to something I found very unpleasant.”

He added he wanted to say sorry to his team-mates, to Newcastle supporters, to Evans and “to every football fan who saw the incident between myself and Jonny”.

“I have always tried hard to be positive a role model, especially for our young fans, and yesterday I let you down.

“I hope children out there playing football for their clubs and schools this weekend will know better than to retaliate when they are angry.

“Perhaps when they see the problem it now causes me and my team they will be able to learn from my mistake, not copy it.”

“Sometimes it is hard not to react, particularly in the heat of the moment,” he said.

by Ben Reardon


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