Pochettino Speaks About Tottenham’s Title Race

Mauricio Pochettino has compared Tottenham Hotspur’s title race with that of former F1 racing star Fernando Alonso.

The Argentine manager has been a formula one fan for years and has brought in the comparison of Alonso competing with Lewis Hamilton who is in a far superior car.

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has compared his side’s pursuit for the Premier League title with that of former F1 racing champion Fernando Alonso’s. The Argentine manager said that just as the Spanish formula one star will compete with Lewis Hamilton, who has a far superior car, Spurs would also face the other big names of the Premier League with whatever resources they have at their disposal. The north London club are the first in the history of the Premier League not to sign a new player in consecutive transfer windows and are also playing away from their home ground at White Hart Lane, where a new stadium is being constructed, for the last two seasons.

Speaking to the media, the Spurs manager said, “When you work in football, it’s because you want to win. When you are a player the only thing you want is to win. You can be a winner but if you don’t have the tools to win, it’s difficult. If you have the car to win and you are good, then you win.”

He added, “If you have the same car as another who is good, then one is going to win and the other is going to lose. Take the example of Fernando Alonso and compare with Hamilton. If you put Hamilton in McLaren last season and Alonso in Mercedes, it’s the same result: Hamilton at the bottom and Alonso at the top. I always put the same example. Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are the best drivers in Formula One.”

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