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Premier League Season To Be Finished In Neutral Locations

Premier League Season To Be Finished In Neutral Locations

Now that Premier League teams have all agreed to finish the 2019-20 season, it has been decided that matches will be held at select neutral venues.

Using 40,000 coronavirus test kits, there shall be rigorous tests conducted before the season is restarted. In a comprehensive plan to finish the season, no team shall be allowed to play any matches at home. Games will be played behind closed doors at only 8-10 neutral venues, which shall be exclusively reserved for the matches.

All 20 clubs/teams agreed to ‘Project Restart’ in a conference meeting on Friday and have taken the help of the government in formulating a plan to restart football again.

The venues shall be fixed on the basis of being given safety certificates by the Sports Grounds Safety Authority and also the police.

“The League and clubs are considering the first tentative moves forward and will only return to training and playing with Government guidance, under expert medical advice and after consultation with players and managers,” said a part of the Premier League shareholders statement.

The plan also includes the new season being started – and not behind closed doors. It details how athletes can be eased back into training (with masks on, initially) and how each training ground must be treated before being filled up.

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