Home Football QUIZ: Take This Quiz To Test Your True Knowledge About Euro 2020

QUIZ: Take This Quiz To Test Your True Knowledge About Euro 2020

QUIZ: Take This Quiz To Test Your True Knowledge About Euro 2020

Euro 2020 Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

It’s the Euros this year, everybody! However, with the spread of coronavirus going around the world, fans are afraid that the European Championship might get cancelled this year. But, don’t fret! We’ve put together a special quiz for you to make the waiting period for Euro 2020 way more bearable. We bet you don’t know everything about Euro 2020 – or do you? Prove us wrong if you can – the old school way. So, get a pen and paper – and let’s get started!

(P.S. All answers are at the bottom of the page – so don’t cheat!)

Q.1. How many countries will be hosting Euro 2020?

A. 15
B. 22
C. 12
D. 2

Q.2. What’s the one special thing about the Euro 2020 this time?

A. 16th Anniversary
B. 60th Anniversary
C. 50th Birthday
D. 60th Edition

Q.3. When was the first Euro tournament held?

A. 1955
B. 1928
C. 1995
D. 1958

Q.4. How many games/matches will be played in total at Euro 2020?

A. 50 matches
B. 59 matches
C. 51 matches
D. 54 matches

Q.5. Who was the first person to come with the idea of a European Championship?

A. Henri Delaunay
B. Jules Rimet
C. Jean-Pierre Escalettes
D. Nöel Le Graët

Q.6. Which country has won the Euro title most times?

A. Spain
B. England
C. Italy
D. Germany

Q.7. Where will the semi-finals and finals be held this year?

A. Brazil
B. Rome
C. London
D. Berlin

Q.8. In which city will the first opening match be held?

A. Rome
B. London
C. Paris
D. Brazil

Q.9. Which player holds the records for most games in Euros?

A. Lionel Messi
B. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
C. Cristiano Ronaldo
D. Ronaldo (Nazario)

Q.10. Which artist is officially signed to perform at Euro 2020?

A. Skrillex
B. Martin Garrix
C. Major Lazer
D. DJ Snake

Selected your answers? Alright, get ready to see if you knew enough to ace the quiz!

Answer Key:

Ans.1 – (C) 12 countries
Ans.2 – (B) 60th Anniversary
Ans.3 – (D) 1958
Ans.4 – (C) 51 matches
Ans.5 – (A) Henri Delaunay
Ans.6 – (D) Germany
Ans.7 – (C) London – Wembley Stadium
Ans.8 – (A) Rome’s Stadio Olimpico
Ans.9 – (C) Cristiano Ronaldo
Ans.10 – (B) Martin Garrix

Time to tally up and see how many answers you got right!

If you get more than 7 answers right: Congratulations – you’re a proper Euro 2020 champion!

Although, if you get up to 6 answers right:  Kudos to you! You’re on your way to becoming a champ.

If you get less than 4 answers right: Don’t worry! Check out our links for all you need to know about Euro 2020!

Read more about Euro 2020 right here:


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