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UEFA set to charge European clubs £275 million – the financial hits begin

UEFA set to charge European clubs £275 million - the financial hits begin

UEFA is reportedly ready to charge around £275 million to the European clubs for delaying the Euros till 2021.

The season has come to an abrupt halt due to the spread of the novel CoVID-19. It has now made Europe its epicentre and football has been suspended or completely cancelled in some places all around Europe.

The major competitions under UEFA like Champions League and Europa League have also been suspended. The shutting down of all commercial football across Europe has led to multiple financial issues besides other legal issues.

Every footballing body is now concerned how the season can be ended and if it should be ended at all or simply made null and void. Amidst such a dilemma, one solution that has been floated is the postponement of the season till July to give all domestic football bodies time to complete their leagues and club tournaments.

UEFA could potentially get on board with this but this would also definitely mean that the Euro 2020 would have to be postponed to the next summer. While UEFA had already been flirting with the idea of it themselves, the idea of doing it at the request of all clubs would give UEFA the leverage to demand a  whopping £275 million from clubs around Europe as compensation.

UEFA is set to reveal this option to their stakeholders (which includes the clubs) in an emergency meeting to be convened in the coming Tuesday along with a few other solutions on how to handle contracts for players which expire in June in case the season goes on till July.

The problems are plenty and the most disturbing fact is that all solutions will have to be hypothetical since nobody yet knows or understands when exactly the pandemic of the CoVID-19 will subside.

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