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Reports: Chelsea deal very close


Reports are claiming that Juventus are keen to sign Juan Cuadrado on a permanent basis and a deal is in the works

Most of this story actually has legs, one of the very few the fail-stream media stories that is quite possible.

The Juventus manager has said in the past that he wouldn’t mind having Cuadrado sign onto the club permanently.

So the claim that the Old Lady want to secure him is not out of the question.

Whether or not Conte is willing to let him go is another story as he has said that Juan still has a future at the club, However, that could change if Juventus can persuade the Italian to release him or if Conte changes his mind, for now nothing is confirmed to make any of these claims solid.

Having said that the mostly unreliable Calciomercato say the deal is close but Juventus and Chelsea need to agree on bonuses to be involved in the contract.

But I wouldn’t trust them to report the weather.



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