Home Football Richarlison hails special teammate James Rodriguez

Richarlison hails special teammate James Rodriguez

Richarlison hails special teammate James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez’ entry to the Premier League has been a lightning one.

He has been exceptional for the Toffees in the English top division and they are now top of the table with 4 wins out of 4. His teammate, Richarlison has now praised James Rodriguez.

He said to FIFA: “I’ve fulfilled so many dreams already that I’m so grateful for. Playing alongside James Rodriguez is another one.

He’s a very special talent. He’s the number 10 for his national team, he’s got an outstanding pedigree – Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Porto.

“He’d walk into any team in the Premier League. I watch a lot of Premier League games – what team wouldn’t want James Rodriguez?

“He’s made a brilliant start at Everton, and I really hope it continues so we can achieve our targets this season.”

I dreamed of playing for the Seleção innumerable times since I was very little, and playing alongside Neymar, Coutinho, all the Seleção players is a big dream for me. Gabriel Jesus is another. We’re from the same age group and when I was in the youth national teams, he was already a star, already playing first-team football, so he was a source of inspiration for me.”

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