Home Football Sarri comments on Ronaldo’s fitness: “He is lacking sharpness”

Sarri comments on Ronaldo’s fitness: “He is lacking sharpness”

Sarri comments on Ronaldo's fitness:

Maurizio Sarri has criticised star player Cristiano Ronaldo for being low on “sharpness” – basically a comment on his fitness.

The criticism from the Juve boss came after the Italian giants lost in the Coppa Italia final.

“He’s in the same shape as the others, like Paulo Dybala and Douglas Costa, he is lacking the sharpness to do what works best for him,” he told RAI.

“I didn’t say much to the players after the game. I was angry and disappointed just like them, so at these moments it’s best to stay silent. We’ll talk better tomorrow morning.”

“There is disappointment for the boys, for the club, for the fans, but this is a particular moment, both for the physical condition and for some important absence,” he said.

“We made different choices than usual, pressing less high to have a better grip at a distance and we played the game with good levels of application.

“Right now, however, we lack brilliance to make the amount of game produced dangerous and without that brilliance it becomes more difficult to beat the man, which our players are usually used to doing easily, and finding other solutions.

“Two 0-0s are an unprecedented fact and I think it is characteristic of this period.”

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