It must have been a heartbreaking night for Bayern Munich in general and Bastian Schweinsteiger in particular when they lost last year’s Champions League final to Chelsea on penalties thus losing a great opportunity to pick up the title in front of their home fans. The central midfielder who is adored by his home fans who affectionately call him a ‘footballing god’ says he wants to set things right this time around.

As Bayern prepare to face Juventus in a crucial first leg quarterfinal tie at the Allianz Arena, Shweignsteiger says that he still thinks about it “…because it was almost a home game for us. The stage was all set for us to win, and the defeat just shouldn’t have happened. You try to come to terms with it but it’s not easy, because the match is still too present in my mind. But it also acts as added motivation this season.” Using the memories of that night to spur himself on, Schweignsteiger must be confident that Bayern can pull off a title this time with the Bundesliga almost in the bag.

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