Shearer Says It Is Great For England To Get Declan Rice

Alan Shearer has said that it is great for England now that Declan Rice has agreed to play for them.

This puts an end to the dilemma going on with the player to see whether he will submit his allegiance to England or the Republic of Ireland.

Former England striker Alan Shearer has insisted that it is great for England to get Declan Rice in their side now that the West Ham United player has agreed to play for them. This has also put an end to the speculation about whether the player will submit his allegiance to England or the Republic of Ireland. Rice has already played a few friendly matches in the Republic of Ireland jersey before but now he is set to make his international career with the Three Lions.

Speaking about Rice’s decision, Shearer said, “It was great for England because I think he’s a very promising young player and I think he’ll have a very good future in the game. I don’t necessarily agree with the rule, although it has benefited England on this occasion. I know he’s played in three friendlies for Ireland, played in all youth teams over the years for Ireland. I think once you’ve played, I don’t necessarily agree that you can change your mind and go on a play for another country, but I know that they were just friendly games,”

He added, “I understand how the Irish will feel, be very disappointed and rightly so, but this is a decision that will benefit England because he seems to be getting better and better. Playing in that sitting midfielder role, Eric Dier isn’t playing on a regular basis, so I’d be really surprised if he’s not in that next England squad

Shearer concluded, “He’s getting better and better, without doubt the ability is there, really really promising youngster and he’s put in some good very performances for West Ham.”

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