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Sorrentino Says He Watched You Tube Videos To Save Ronaldo Penalty


Stefano Sorrentino has said that he watched YouTube videos to understand how Ronaldo takes penalties.

The Chievo goalkeeper saved Cristiano Ronaldo’s spot-kick in their 0-3 defeat against Juventus.

Chievo goalkeeper Stefano Sorrentino has revealed that he did his research to save the spot kick taken by Cristiano Ronaldo in their match against Juventus. The custodian dived the right way to save the penalty from the Portuguese star. Juventus, however, went onto win the match by 3-0.

Speaking to the media after the match, the Italian shot-stopper revealed his homework behind the penalty save. He said, “Behind a penalty saved there is study, preparation and intuition.”

He added, “I initially I was looking for the attackers on YouTube, with Lorenzo Squizzi (former-goalkeeper). Before the competitions we watch the videos and together we decide the strategy, we were both sure that it would open the shot and that was it. My mother was at the stadium, my father was not. When he heard, he told me ‘good’ and for him it is a lot, because he does not make many compliments. Ronaldo kicked a fine penalty, I decided which way I would have dived, and I anticipated a fraction of a second.”

Sorrentino also revealed that the Portuguese superstar congratulated him at the end of the match, “After the clash, he passed me while I was saying goodbye to Dybala and he gave me five!”

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