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This Chelsea Star is three times better and worth three time less than Pogba!


We have all watched Eden Hazard over the years, and we have seen his ups and downs, but now that he’s back up, there’s no stopping him.

And the fans took to Twitter to remind Jose Mourinho that Eden Hazard is worth 3 time less than Paul Pogba.

Which has to hurt after United’s recent run

But I have to say, I can’t help but agree with them.

In the 5-0 trashing over Everton on Saturday, Hazard was in fine form netting two goals and snatching up a well deserved MoM award.

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The 25-year-old has scored more goals (7) 12 across all competitions at the is stage of this season than he did in the whole of last season (6), which we can all agree was a dismal season for Chelsea.

Not only failing to make the Champions League, but also Jose Mourinho being sacked for the second time only added to their woes.

Enter Italian boss Antonio Conte who has lifted the club up and ignited the spark within the Belgium International.

Conte has brought out the best of him, which is clear evidence Jose Mourinho has lost his own spark and seem to only bring a negative atmosphere to the club room.

His Judgement is off as well, 89 million for Paul Pogba would have never had happened with the old Jose, but for some unknown reason, even though he has Bastian in the squad, he hauls over Paul Pogba to Old Trafford.

Paul Pogba continues to be labeled as this big football star, when really it’s all hype, frankly how he’s got away with it this long amazes me

I can’t for the life of me think why he thought this was a good idea, he really wasn’t that impactful at Juventus and he has really been impactful at United, I know you’re thinking ‘but look at the stats’, believe me, I know the stats.

And they are good stats, I won’t dispute that, but let me ask you this, is it 89 million worth?

Have a look at the Premier League Stats:

Eden Hazard is worth £32,000,000 has made 17 appearances this season and scored 7 goals, 2 yellows, 5 assists
Paul Pogba is worth £89,000,000 has made 17 appearances this season and scored 5 goals, 5 yellow cards, 0 assists
Pogba hasn’t made an impact in any game this season, well not the standard a 89 million player should play, whereas Eden Hazard has scored the first goal in 4 games this season.
Chelsea have won every single game he’s scored in.
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