Top 10 Best Goalkeepers in FIFA 16

Top 10 Best Goalkeepers in FIFA 16

Top 10 Best Goalkeepers in FIFA 16

Who are the top 10 best goalkeepers in FIFA 16Who is the best goalkeeper in FIFA 16? Have these questions ever stormed your mind? Well if they have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the top goalkeepers in FIFA 16 career modeTheir are a number of good goalkeepers in FIFA 16 but we have picked out the 10 best goalkeepers you can use or purchase in your ultimate team or manager mode.

Top Ten Best Goalkeepers in FIFA 16

Previously we published the Top 10 Free Kick Takers in FIFA 16 & Top 10 Defensive Players in FIFA 16 if you haven’t seen these yet make sure you do after this list. Here are the Top 10 Best Goalkeepers in FIFA 16 career mode.


Kick starting the list of the Top 10 Best Goalkeepers in FIFA 16 is Olympic Marseille goalkeeper Steve Mandanda, the French international is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Steve now has a rating of 83 one better than his previous rating in FIFA 15. The 30year old joined Marseille in 2007 from Le Havre and has since then made over 303 local appearances for the French club.

The goalkeeper is also one of the Top 10 Ligue 1 Players in FIFA 16.

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