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Top 10: Hardest shots in football ever recorded-Watch


hardest shots in football

Hardest shots in Football 2018

Hardest shots in football ever? Remember seeing Roberto Carlos’s bullet free kicks in the 90’s? Remember seeing Zlatan Ibrahimovic smashing the ball in? Remember David Beckham’s free kicks? Well  We have been looking all over for fast and hard shots from all leagues and tournaments to find the hardest shots ever in football . This list is an unofficial list but it shows some of the hardest shots in football ever recorded.

The world’s hardest shots in football

There are a lot of people who wonder which player has fired the hardest shot in football ever and shortly you will know who has fired the world hardest shots in football. All time hardest shot is a real cannon shot that must be seen several times. Zlatan smash shot against Anderlecht is included on this list of the hardest shots in football ever.

10. David Beckham – 129.5 kmh Manchester United v Liverpool – 1996

In the match against Liverpool a young David Beckham wrote himself into the history books thanks to his hard shot. Englishman’s shot was measured to be 129.5 km/h.


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