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Tottenham boss Pochettino slams early transfer window closure

Mauricio Pochettino slams early transfer window closure
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Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has revealed his decision over the early closure of the summer transfer window for the Premier League teams. Since the last season, the summer transfer deadline day for the English top-flight teams was shifted from 2nd September to the day before the first matchday of the league.

The decision was taken with a view to avoiding the distraction of various clubs in the transfer market following the start of the league. However, the said decision seems to leave the English clubs vulnerable as they are unable to sign replacements for any players they sell after the window is closed.

Speaking about the same, Pochettino said,

“We are at a disadvantage to the European clubs because they have 20 more days to operate and I think it was a big mistake from the Premier League to allow that.”

“In some times it’s good because you are going to start the season but in this type of situation you know we open the door to other clubs in Europe to try and create confusion in your squad.”

“I think, after two seasons operating in this way, the Premier League has realised that if Europe hasn’t changed, we need to go back and start to operate in the same way as they do now.”

“We cannot, England and the Premier League, give this disadvantage to the European clubs because we are going to compete (with them). It’s different if you’re not competing in the Champions League and Europe.”

“With them, OK I understand closing before we will all agree on that but after competing with the other European clubs it’s a big advantage for them that they can operate and can create a mess in clubs like ours, or different clubs in England.”

Tottenham will kickstart their Premier League campaign against newly-promoted side Aston Villa today.

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