Home Football UEFA Awards announced: Bayern Munich steals the show!

UEFA Awards announced: Bayern Munich steals the show!

UEFA Awards announced Bayern Munich steals the show!

Robert Lewandowski has been awarded the best men’s player this year in the UEFA awards.

The Polish forward had his best season in terms of the number of goals and assists and also the trophies he won with Bayern Munich. His teammates Manuel Neuer and Joshua Kimmich also won awards.

Under Niko Kovac Bayern started the previous season rather poorly. A quick run of defeats, bad football and dressing room clashes saw the Croatian lose his job and his assistant Hansi Flick get appointed.

Since his taking over, in the last 10 months, Bayern have won 4 trophies and lost 2 matches!

Much of this credit also went to his players especially the ones mentioned above who won the awards. Thomas Muller was another unmentioned special player who would have won best midfielder had it not been for the sheer individual brilliance of Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City.

The awards saw Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo miss out on individual accolades for the first team in over 12 years! Is this the sign of the flagbearer for Europe’s elite changing or do we see a legendary comeback from the two best players ever to play the game of football?

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