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Juninho reveals Lyon’s perfect night

Juninho reveals Lyon's perfect night

Lyon’s win over Juventus in CL has left their sporting director Juninho revelling in joy.

“This was a nearly perfect evening. Of course to win against Juventus, nobody was saying that, we are happy, the first half was perfect, the second half, it was natural that we retreated a bit because Juventus are very good. They did not necessarily have a lot of chances, some through Higuain and Dybala. This is the first match, it shows that we have quality, lots of talents. You feel that the players want to go further in this competition. Many times we have had very sad 2nd legs after matches at home. We have to have confidence.”

Juninho was also full of praise for Bruno Guimarães.

He is a young player who has been well developed. He has a lot of humility, and he has this ability to see things before they happen. He provides rhythm, he knows how to keep the ball from time to time, can create danger… He is a really great player. There were members of the Brazilian national team (staff) who were here to watch him tonight. I am happy for him.

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