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What Should Liverpool Expect Next Season?

What Should Liverpool Expect Next Season

Liverpool’s 2021/22 campaign was almost legendary, but in the end, it was just “pretty good.” The Premier League title always looked out of reach, but Klopp and his boys will probably be kicking themselves that they came up short in the Champions League final. Well, there’s always next season. So, how is Liverpool’s 2022/23 campaign shaping up? It could go either way. They could win the league, but there’ll also be some people looking at the free betting offers at Oddschecker and backing a rival, possibly Spurs, to overtake them this time around. Whatever happens, we’re sure it won’t be boring. Here, we’ll take a closer look at Liverpool’s hopes for next year and what needs to happen for it to be a great campaign.

The Best Case Scenario: League Winners

Liverpool will, of course, enter the season fully expecting to make another charge at the title. They were so desperately close last time around, but Manchester City are a formidable unit, and they’ll have their own ambitions to add another title to their ever-growing trophy cabinet. There’s some hope, however. For one thing, Salah should be expected to return to full form. This is because he’ll have a full break during the World Cup, which is something that he hasn’t had in quite a while.

Liverpool will also hope to compete for the other trophies on offer. Of those, it’ll be the Champions League that appeals to them most. Fans of the Merseyside team will have to hope that Liverpool don’t suffer a “hangover” from last year’s exploits. They were so close, but with the right motivation, they will hopefully do better next time around. Of course, the absolute best-case scenario would be for the team to win all the trophies!

Worst Case Scenario: They Drop Off 

However, going into the season, there will be a concern that Liverpool will drop off slightly. As we mentioned above, last season ended in disappointment, despite winning two trophies. The side were a couple of games from greatness and, in the end, they had to settle for just having an “OK” season. If you’ve ever dealt with disappointment before, then you’ll know how difficult it can be to really step up and get things moving in the right direction again.

That’s not to say that Liverpool will drop off for good. The side is too well-run to have this be a long-term problem. However, whether that can muster the strength to make another run of it within a couple of months remains to be seen. Liverpool are pretty good at managing the psychological aspect of their game, so you have to assume that they’ll have been working on it.

The tough aspect is that there are other clubs who will be looking to overtake Liverpool in the league. Tottenham, for instance, have been in good form recently, and they will be quietly confident that they can have a go at competing for the league title.

Replacing Mané

No matter what happens, Liverpool will need to find a way to do it without Mané, a player who has been performing exceptionally well over the past few seasons. You could make a reasonable case that he has played better than Salah; he’s certainly been more consistent. The striker has decided that now’s the time to start afresh and has thus made the move to Bayern Munich.

Liverpool will surely suffer without Mané. The trick is to make sure that they don’t suffer too much. It’s understandable that they’ll drop off a little, but maybe it’ll just be for a couple of games. Liverpool have sold big players, such as Coutinho, before and have found a way to continue. They’ll be hoping that they can do the same without Mané.

Hoping Haaland Slips Up

Manchester City pose the biggest threat to Liverpool. They will have to be considered favourites for the title. However, there is a chance that City have their own troubles. The arrival of Haaland spells the beginning of an interesting journey for the Premier League. He has shown that he very much knows where the goal is, but will he be firing on all cylinders from the first match? If he has some troubles somewhere along the way, then Liverpool will have an opportunity. However, as things stand, that seems to be more wishful thinking than anything else.

Final Thoughts

Whatever happens, you know that it won’t be boring. That’s not Liverpool’s style. Under Klopp, every season has been a pretty amazing ride, and even when the season hasn’t gone well, it’s always been memorable. Liverpool fans are always appreciative of Klopp and his players because of how committed they are to football. There’s very rarely a game that feels flat! So watch this space.


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