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Why it is complicated for James at Real Madrid

Why it is complicated for James at Real Madrid

The Columbian national manager Carlos Queiroz has determined the situation of James Rodriguez as “strange” and complicated.

As per the interview given by the national coach, some answers have been uncovered.

Q. 1. How are things getting along with Colombia?
We’re prepared and relaxed, in spite of some situations, we would like some players to be playing more and obviously have less injury worries. Next month we have World Cup qualifiers  against Venezuela and Chile, but all of the coaching team have been working between Europe, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. We are very close to the players, and have been working discreetly in Colombia’s best interests. We also have a fitness trainer in Madrid doing extra work with James and Arias.

Q.2. Some newspapers in Colombia have reported that James Rodriguez won’t be selected for the national team if he is not guaranteed a place in the starting XI?
All I can say is that we, at the FCF take care to look after all of our players. James’ situation is worrying for us – we know that he is in a difficult situation at this moment in time, it’s a situation which technically and professionally isn’t the best. But then there are other players who are playing even less. James’ case is very strange, it’s been a strange season for him but all of the coaching staff and I personally are doing what we can to help James, whose situation is a little more complicated. No one is disputed the quality James has – or Arias and Muriel, who are also both in a difficult situation. That’s why I am doing everything possible so that the players are in the best possible condition. My obligation is to ensure that all of them are fit to play.

His worries are that if James doesn’t get a chance to play for his club Real Madrid much, his possibility of playing in the national team gets lowered – hence his case is rather complicated.

Read the full interview on AS.


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