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Top 10 Worst football kits ever

Worst football kits ever

Top 10 Worst football kits ever – which are the ugliest football kits ever?

While there are some beautiful football kits out there, such as Fiorentina, Nigeria’s new kit and Juventus. There are also some horrible looking football kits too! Here we will look at the Top 10 Worst and ugliest football kits ever. Watch & Bet on Football =>

Top 10 Worst football kits ever - which are the ugliest football kits ever?

Ugliest football kits ever – here are the top 10 worst football kits ever 2024

SillySeason look at ten of the worst football kits of all time. Here are 10 of the ugligest football kits ever! Watch & Bet on Football =>

10) CAMEROON (2004)

Worst football kits ever

The Cameroon national team sported what you can probably call a onesie. It does not look too bad until the zoom in on the shorts and can see that the top and shorts are actually stitched together.

The Cameroon Football Federation were fined £154,000 and docked six World Cup qualifying points for contravening football regulations as a result of this kit…

It’s one of the worst football kits ever!


Worst football kits ever

The kit was hated by the Manchester United players who wore it, according to Sir Alex Ferguson. It was worn only five times and the Red Devils never won wearing it.

It was worn against Southampton in the 1996 season and Ferguson made the players switch tops at half-time, when they were losing, blaming the kit for United’s poor passing game. The players said they couldn’t pick each other out as they said it was difficult to see their team-mates at distance…


Worst football kits ever

Heerenveen have had the little red hearts for a very long time. The hearts are in the club crest too! It is a kit which is not favoured by many and the red hearts make the blue and white kit look very tacky.

7) RECREATIVO (2012)

Worst football kits ever

Polka dots on a football kit, what next?! The kit just looked horrible and it reminds people of cartoon character Minnie Mouse straight away. Better to just keep it plain red next time…


Worst football kits ever

Third tier Spanish side Deportivo Palencia’s ‘inside-out’ kit looks disturbing. From the top to shorts, it is just not nice to look at. It was designed by Kappa, who are well known for their ‘popper-pants’ that once dominated the North of England in the 90s.


Worst football kits ever

Japanese club Shimizu S-Pulse have a reputation of having bright and hideous kits. This one from 2001 is a collection of bright orange designs and features world maps across the heart of the top. There is also camouflage in the background. What were they trying to achieve?


Worst football kits ever 2018

A lot of goalkeeper kits in the 80s and 90s were absolutely horrible. Only one other goalkeeper kit could beat this one! This is a Count Dracula style which was designed and worn by Mexico’s goalkeeper Jorge Campos at the 1994 World Cup. Was this a bet?

3) HULL CITY (1992)

Worst football kits ever Hull City

A tiger print Tigers kit. We know Hull’s nickname is ‘Tigers’ but that does not mean make this monstrosity! It was worn with white shorts which just looked even more horrendous. One for the past… and never the future!


Worst football kits ever

This is our worst goalkeeper kit. Ever. It was launched for England’s Euro ’96 tournament but what a disaster of a kit. This was before David Seaman’s ponytail came along… So luckily enough, we didn’t have to look at both at the same time.


Worst football kits ever

Easily the worst football kit ever. A beige football kit and tassels as well?! We don’t know if the American club thought they were playing Cowboys and Indians or Football with the look of that kit!

It’s earned it’s spot in our Top ten Worst football kits ever list.

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