Home Lists 10 Worst Players to win Champions League in History

10 Worst Players to win Champions League in History

10 Worst Players to win Champions League in History

Worst Players to win Champions League – All Time Top 10

Worst Players to win Champions League? Winning the Champions League is often a sign that you were, at some point, one of the best players in Europe. Can you believe these guys have a medal? Watch & Bet Football Live >

10 Worst Players to win Champions League in History
Some real greats have graced the competition, including Paolo Maldini, Steven Gerrard, Andres Iniesta and of course, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, some terrible, terrible players have also won the competition. Some of which you probably can barely remember.

Previously we published a list of the Top 10 Goalscorers in Bundesliga HistoryTop 10 Highest Scoring Defenders and Top 10 Highest Scoring Defenders in The Past 10 Years. If you haven’t seen these yet make sure you do after this list of the Top 10 worst ever players to win the Champions League.

Worst player to ever win the Champions League!

So let’s take a look at some of the worst players EVER to win the Champions League.

10. Ross Turnbull – Chelsea

10 Worst Players to win Champions League in History

He was in the Chelsea squad as a young player when the Blues went on to win the UEFA Champions League in 2011-12. He was a part of the squad as he was preceded by Henriques Hilario and Chelsea’s number one, the iconic Petr Cech.

Cech had a brilliant year in goal in Europe and saved Chelsea on multiple occasions including winning the shootout for the Blues in the final at Munich. For Turnbull, he did get to learn a lot from sitting on the bench and watching Cech everyday in goal in training and matches but did little to merit a Champions League winners credit. He did not play a single minute in the competition and was never even needed or missed by the Blues.

However, as it happens with big clubs, these small players do get a way to make it to the winners podium and that is what happened with Ross Turnbull.

After his Chelsea career failed to glow up, he moved to the lower Championships playing for the likes of Doncaster and Barnsley before finally joining Leeds United. In the summer of 2018 he retired from the game after Leeds had released him from his contract. He went on to start a coaching career after that but has not fared so well yet. Maybe he will join another club with better assistant coaches and they will go on to win some trophies making him an unworthy winner again. Watch & Bet Football Live >

9. Djimi Traore – Liverpool


Traore joined Liverpool as a 19 year old in 1999 and stayed in the club for 7 years. He went on to play 88 games for the club being a squad player throughout, making some contributions here and there. The former Mali international did play for Liverpool more often than Turnbull did for Chelsea at least but his contribution was very weak and he was less than an average player for the Reds.

When Liverpool completed the 3-3 comeback from 3-0 down in the final of the 2007 UEFA Champions League in Istanbul, Traore was a part of the squad. He did get his winner’s medal for his mild contributions but in fact more than contributions Liverpool suffered from his mistakes which led the team to dangerous situations.

After Liverpool, he tried two clubs a piece in England and France but could not make a big impact anywhere. His career kept declining which was not much to begin with anyway before finally joining Seattle Sounders in 2013 and playing 42 games for them. He went on to retire after the season and is now an assistant coach with the same team.


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