Zidane cries foul after not being declared “King of the World”

Zidane cries foul after not being declared "King of the World"

Zinedine Zidane has apparently threatened to quit Real Madrid if his president Florentino Perez fails to land Paul Pogba this summer. Zidane joined Real Madrid earlier this year and was supposed to be one of the biggest reasons why the Galacticos spent so much this summer.

It seems a bit silly for a man whose boss just offered him over 300 million pounds, to cry over one player. Zidane had quit last time as well over similar reservations of being not allowed to choose whoever he wants. It seems a little petty for a manager to run away from a job the moment he does not get the best products in the market. A true manager does what to do with the available resources rather than threaten their boss even after getting 7 world class players in one transfer window to add to an already world class squad.

As for Pogba, the transfer window for Manchester United to buy players is now shut. Which means, even though they can sell players now, is highly unlikely that they will do so, specially with Pogba, a player of supreme quality in that Manchester United squad.

Will Zidane stay at Madrid?

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