Premier League Player Salaries 2018 (Highest Paid)

Premier League Player Salaries 2018

Premier League Player Salaries 2018

Premier League Player Salaries Per Team 2018? Premier League Player Salaries 2018? Which team in the Premier League has the biggest Player Salaries? Have you ever thought of finding out the Player Salaries of each Premier League team? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Premier League Player Salaries 2018.

Chelsea Football club yearly Player Salaries has been surpassed by Manchester United and Manchester City as the team with the biggest Player Salaries as of 2018.

Chelsea’s current Player Salaries stands at £218 million, it increased by only £3 million compared to last season’s Player Salaries. While Manchester United and Manchester City now have to maintain a higher Player Salaries amounting of £221 million and £225 million respectively.

Premier League Player Salaries List 2018

The Premier League has been named as the Richest professional sports league in the world beating the French Ligue, Italien Serie A, Spanish La Liga and the German Bundesliga. It is also by far the most watched league in the world as it have top star players which make it even more marketable.

The Premier League signed a record breaking tv rights deal worth £5 billion, with the foreign tv rights the total might reach about £8 billion per year which means each Premier League club which will participate in the 2016-17 season will get around £100 million each and upto £160 million for the Champions.

At the same the scence has started slowly to to change due major interest from the Chinese Super League who is competing with big salary payments which cant be matched by the Premier League teams.

Highest Paid Premier League Players 2017/18

Which team has the Highest Paid Premier League Players in season 2016/17? Chelsea Football Club is the Club with the Highest Paid Premier League Players in season 2016/2017.

The English Premier League Club Salaries only recorded a minor £2 million increase this season, from £216 million to £218 million. Following the signing of a number of players and new offered contracts saw them over-take rivals Manchester United and Manchester City in terms of Player Salaries.

The two Manchester clubs has also managed increased their Player Salaries drastically this season compared to last season.

Manchester United have increased their Player Salaries drastically this season, from £203 million to £221 million. No wonder when Man United have four of the top 10 highest paid Premier League Players in their team. This is the main reason behind the drastic increase in Player Salaries. When you have players like Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez in the club you don’t get surprised when the Player Salaries hit the roof.

Manchester City have also increased their Player Salaries drastically this season, from £194 million to £225 million, which is impressive from the Cityzen’s. With Players like Yaya Toure, Sergio Agüero and Kevin De Bruyne you should expect high salaries.

In January 2018, Manchester United signed Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez and made him the highest paid player in the Premier League. While Arsenal tied Mesut Ozil to a new and drastically improved contract until 2021 making him the second highest paid player. So who are the top 10 highest paid players 2018?

10 Highest Paid Premier League Players 2017/18

Here are the top 10 Highest Paid Premier League Players 2016/17:

#NameEPL Football ClubSalary
(Per Week)
1Alexis SanchezManchester United £350,000
2Paul PogbaManchester United£290,000
3Mesut OzilArsenal £280,000
Kevin De Bruyne
Manchester City£280,000 
5Romelu LukakuManchester United£250,000
6.Zlatan IbrahimovicManchester United£220,000
7Sergio AgueroManchester City£220,000
8Yaya ToureManchester City £220,000
9Eden HazardChelsea£220,000
10 Cesc FabregasChelsea£220,000 

As you can see, Alexis Sanchez is the Highest Paid Premier League Player 2017/18. Mesut Ozil is the second Highest Paid Premier League Player 2017/18. See below to find our list with of all Premier League club’s Player Salaries or at least the EPL club’s wage bills.

Premier League Player Salaries 2017 (Yearly Player Salaries)

Premier League Player Salaries 2017? Premier League Player Salaries by team and wage bill? Here are the Premier League Player Salaries per team 2017:

NoPremier League Player Salaries by team 2017
EPL Player SalariesEPL Player SalariesEPL Player SalariesEPL Player Salaries
   2016-17 2015-16 2014-152013-14
1Manchester City Players salaries £225m£193.8m£205m£216m
2Manchester United Player Salaries£220.8m£203 m£215.8m£187m
3Chelsea Players Salaries£218m£215.6m£192.7m£190m
4Arsenal Players salaries£200.5m£192m£180.4m£166.4m
5Liverpool Players salaries£165.6m£152m£144m£140m
6Tottenham Players salaries£121.2m£110.5m£100.4m£112m
West Ham United salaries£79.8m £69.5m £63.9m £60m 
8Leicester City Players salaries£66m£48.2m £36.6m
9. Everton £83m£74.7m£69.3m£66m
10 Stoke City£75.9m£72.3m£60.6m£55m
11 Sunderland £68.3m£71m£69.5m£55m
12 West Bromwich £65m£68.5m£65.4m£49m
13 Southampton £63.6m£59.5m£55.2m£47m
14 Swansea City£59m£51m£48.1m£55m
15 Crystal Palace £55m£54.3m £45.7m 
16 Watford£41m£29m  
17 Bournemouth£34m£25m  
18 Burnley£33m   
19 Middlesbrough£34m    
20 Hull City£25m   

All the wage bill and salaries figures were taken from each end of the season 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 from sources like and the Guardian which publishes the Premier League’s financial details every year.

You can click on the teams name to get full their salaries details respectively right now we have covered salaries lists on Arsenal, Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Leicester City. Stick around more often and all teams will be updated.

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