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Top 10 Best strikers in FIFA 17

Top 10 Strikers in FIFA 17

Top 10 Best strikers in FIFA 17

Top 10 Best strikers in FIFA 17

Best strikers in FIFA 17? Who are the top 10 best strikers in FIFA 17? Well, if you don’t know then soon you will find out with this list of the Top 10 Best Strikers in the newly released FIFA 17.

FIFA 17 is out now! I’m sure you want to know who the best players in the game are, as they embark on a new season of Fifa Ultimate Team in FIFA 17 to bring in their best strikers so as to defeat their opponents.

The Best striker in FIFA 17

Luis Suarez is one of the best striker in FIFA 17

Who is the best striker in FIFA 17? Well, Luis Suarez is the game’s best out and out striker with an overall rating of 92 making him the best striker in the game , followed by Manchester United’s new signing Zlatan Ibrahimović and Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski, Man City’s Sergio Aguero sits at fourth and Antoine Griezmann at fifth.

Their are a number of good strikers in the game but we have managed to pick out the top 10 best strikes based on their ratings. At least this list features three players from the Premier League showing that the Premier League is still a force to reckon with as it is undoubtedly the most ac citing and toughest league in the world.

List of the Top 10 Strikers in FIFA 17

Enough! Here is a full list of the Top 10 Best strikers in FIFA 17. Enjoy!

Rank Football Player Football Club Overall Rating
1. Suárez Barcelona 92
2. Ibrahimović Manchester United 90
3. Lewandowski Bayern Munich 90
4. Agüero Manchester City 89
5. Griezmann Atletico Madrid 88
6. Higuaín Juventus 88
7. Müller Bayern Munich 87
8. Benzema Real Madrid 87
9. Aubameyang Borussia Dortmund 86
10. Diego Costa Chelsea  85

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