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Top 10 footballers presentations with biggest audience

190613 Fotboll, La LIga, Eden Hazard presenteras i Real Madrid: Real Madrid presents its new player Eden Hazard at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid June 13, 2019Cordon Press © Bildbyrån - COP 95 - SWEDEN AND NORWAY ONLY

Whenever a club brings in a transfer bomb, the fans’ enthusiasm is up the roof.

We bring a list of the biggest presentations in football history, the players who attracted the highest number of people to their new stadium.

Since Eden Hazard has been the latest player to have received a presentation that is worthy of a massive football star, we have to see where he ranks among the Top 10 biggest presentations in football history.

There have been players who create massive mobilization in a whole city that becomes paralyzed due to their arrival. There are a couple of names on this list that literally moved hundreds of thousands of people who only wanted to get a glimpse of their new star.

Football is a strange phenomenon, it creates moments like the ones that we are about to mention. Here are the Top 10 footballers presentations with biggest audience.

10. David Villa – 35,000

Top 10 footballers presentations with biggest audience 1
© Bildbyrån

This one happened when the Spanish striker moved from Valencia to FC Barcelona, he was one of Pep Guardiola’s good transfer decisions.

Camp Nou was visited by 35,000 strong to greet the player, who gave them many more memorable nights in that stadium.

9. James Rodriguez – 36,000

Top 10 footballers presentations with biggest audience 2
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The Colombian playmaker was coming from a spectacular World Cup performance with his national team. Florentino Perez decided to splash the cash for him and the fans were very excited to have him on the team.

Unfortunately, Rodriguez didn’t have the success he wanted at the club and eventually left to play at Bayern Munich on a loan.



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