Top 5 players with fastest sprint in 2018/19 Champions League

2.  Leroy Sane – 34.4km/h

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Sane who is reportedly again able to bend his knee again as he begins his recovery after suffering a serious interior cruciate ligament injury in early August​ But back, least year, Manchester City rounded off their Champions League group stage campaign with a 2-1 victory over Hoffenheim.

That is when in addition to scoring a lovely free-kick goal, Sane made a record run of 34.4km/h.

1. Virgil van Dijk – 34.5km/h

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As expected, the best of the best – Virgil van Dijk registered the fastest sprint of the entire season in the Champions League 2018/19, which his team eventually went on to win. The Dutchman, a centre-back renowned for his strength rather than his speed, clocked 34.5km/h while desperately tracking back against Barcelona.

Van Dijk was at the heart of Liverpool’s Champions League success last season, playing in all but one of their games in Europe as the Reds took home the top prize for the sixth time in their history.

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