Premier League 2020 Prize Money Distribution & Breakdown 2019/20

Premier League 2020 Prize Money

Premier League 2020 Prize Money

Premier League 2020 Prize Money Distribution & Breakdown 2019/20? Premier League Prize Money? What is the Premier League 2020 Prize Money Distribution & Breakdown 19/20? EPL Prize money for winners? How much will Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United get in prize money?

How much prize money will each team get at the end of this Premier League season?

Have you ever wanted to find out how much the Premier League 2020 Prize Money is? If you have, then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Premier League 2020 Prize Money Distribution!

List of English Premier League (EPL) Prize Money Distribution 2019/20 Season

How much is the Premier League 2020 Prize Money Distribution & Breakdown 19/20? Previously known as the Barclay’s Premiership due to sponsorship reasons, The BPL was won by Leicester City last season after a shock season for the Foxes. They ran out with a 10 point lead ahead of Arsenal and Tottenham, no one could catch them.

How Premier League TV Rights Money Distribution Among 20 Clubs

The total money from 3 year deal of both domestic and overseas is divided into three parts, one part for each of the three seasons the deal is active for.

So the total money from current domestic (£5.136 billion) and oversees (£3.2 billion) three year deal (2016-2019) is around £8.36 billion, the total TV money is then spread equally into three seasons which is around £2.6 billion and that makes the yearly prize money fund for the Premier League teams.

Premier League Prize Money 2019-20 Fund

The yearly prize money fund comes in two portions. 1) Domestic TV Rights Money. 2) Oversees TV Rights Money.

1.50% is shared equally100% shared equally 
2.25% is merit money 
3.25% is facility fee 

Premier League Prize Money Pool For 2019-20 Season

So the total money from both domestic and oversees three tv deals combined is around £8 billion. Which will be divided into three parts making prize money pool for each of the three seasons under the current TV deal period 2020-2020.

Thats around £2.6 billion a season to be distributed among premier league clubs (part of it will be used as parachute payments to relegated clubs). So the prize money pool for 2019-20 season will be around £2.5 billion and here is how the distribution model works in premier league.

So the premier league prize money pool for 2019-20 will be setup with two portions of money.

A)  Domestic TV Money (£1.8 billion)

The domestic portion of the money will be divided among 20 clubs according to following model.

  1. 50% divided equally (Thats around £38 million each for all 20 clubs)
  2. 25% Merit based: divided according to final league position in 2019-20 season (Thats around £2 million for 20th place team rising higher by £2m for every position all the way to £24 million for the champiosn)
  3. 25% is divided as facility fee: to all clubs depending on how many times teams match was shown live. (thats around £1 million for every live game or guaranteed £10m if a team only had 10 or less live matches)

B) Oversees TV Money (around £1 billion)

Oversees TV money is divided equally between all 20 clubs and for 2019-20 season all premier league clubs will get around £47 million each from this portion.

Premier League Prize Money 2016/2017 (Final table)

Premier League 2017 Prize Money? Here is the confirmed Premier League Prize Money Table For 2016-2017:

1Chelsea£85m£40m£25m (25 matches)£150m
£85m£38m£22m (22 matches)£145m
3Manchester City£85m£36m£25m (25 matches)£146m
4Liverpool£85m£34m£23m (23 matches)£142m
£85m£32m£25m (25 matches)£142m
6Manchester United£85m£30m£27m (27 matches)£142m
7Everton£85m£28m£17m (17 matches)£130m
8Southampton£85m£26m£12m (12 matches)£123m
9Bournemouth £85m£24m£10m (10 matches)£119m
10West Brom£85m£22m£14m (14 matches)£121m
11West Ham£85m£20m£10m (10 matches)£115m
12Leicester City£85m£18m£12m (12 matches)£115m
13Stoke City£85m£16m£10m (9 matches)£111m
14Crystal Palace£85m£14m£17m (17 matches)£116m
15Swansea£85m£12m£10m (10 matches)£107m
16Burnley£85m£10m£11m (11 matches)£106m
17Watford£85m£8m£15m (15 matches)£108m
18Hull City£85m£6m£10m (9 matches)£101m
19Middlesbrough£85m£4m£10m (10 matches)£99m
£85m£2m£11m (11 matches)£98m

Premier League Prize Money Table 2015/16 Season (Confirmed)

Here is the confirmed Premier League Prize Money Table For 2015-2016

1Leicester City
£55.5m£24.7m£12.8m (15 matches)£93m
2Arsenal £55.5m£23.5m£21.8m (27 matches)£100.8m
3Tottenham£55.5m£22.2m£17.3m (21 matches)£95m
4Man City
£55.5m£21m£20.3m (25 matches)£96.8m
5Manchester United*
£55.5m£19.8m£21m (26 matches)£96.3m
6Southampton £55.5m£18.5m£10.5m (12 matches)£84.5m
7West Ham£55.5m£17.3m£12.8m (15 matches)£85.6m
8Liverpool£55.5m£16.1m£18.8m (23 matches)£90.4m
9Stoke City
£55.5m£14.8m£8.75m (8 matches)£79m
10Chelsea£55.5m£13.6m£18m (22 matches)£87.1m
11Everton£55.5m£12.4m£15m (18 matches)£82.9m
12Swansea City£55.5m£11.1m£8.75m (10 matches)£75.3m
13Watford£55.5m£9.9m£8.75m (8 matches)£74.1m
14West Brom£55.5m£8.7m£8.75m (8 matches)£73m
15Crystal Palace£55.5m£7.4m£9.5m (11 matches)£72.4m
16Bournemouth£55.5m£6.2m£8.75m (9 matches)£70.4m
17Sunderland£55.5m£4.9m£11.3m (13 matches)£71.7m
18Newcastle Utd£55.5m£3.7m£13.5m (16 matches)£72.7m
19Norwich City£55.5m£2.5m£8.75m (8 matches)£66.7m
20Aston Villa
£55.5m£1.236m£9.5m (11 matches)£66.2m

Premier League Prize Money Table 2014/15 Season (Confirmed)

Here is the confirmed Premier League Prize Money Table For 2014-2015

1Chelsea £54.1m£24.7m£19.98m (25 matches)£98.99m
2Man City £54.1m£23.5m£20.72m (26 matches)£98.5m
3Arsenal £54.1m£22.2m£19.98m (25 matches)£96.5m
4Manchester United £54.1m£21m£21.47m (27 matches)£96.75m
5Tottenham £54.1m£19.8m£14.75m (18 matches)£88.7m
6Liverpool £54.1m£18.5m£19.98m (25 matches)£92.7m
7Southampton £54.1m£17.3m£11m (13 matches)£82.5m
8Swansea City £54.1m£16.1m£10.2m (12 matches)£80.5m
9Stoke City £54.1m£14.8m£8.75m (9 matches)£77.8m
10Crystal Palace £54.1m£13.6m£9.5m (11 matches)£77.35m
11Everton £54.1m£12.4m£14m (17 matches)£77.65m
12West Ham £54.1m£11.1m£11m (13 matches)£76.33m
13West Brom £54.1m£9.9m£8.75m (10 matches)£72.8m
14Leicester City £54.1m£8.7m£8.75m (8 matches)£71.6m
15Newcastle United £54.1m£7.4m£16.2m (20 matches)£77.8m
16Sunderland £54.1m£6.2m£9.52m (11 matches)£69.8m
17Aston Villa £54.1m£4.9m£9.52m (11 matches)£68.6m
18Hull City £54.1m£3.7m£8.75m (8 matches)£66.6m
19Burnley £54.1m£2.5m£8.75m (8 matches)£65.3m
20QPR£54.1m£1.236m£9.52m (11 matches)£64.8m

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