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Bundesliga 2024 Prize Money: How much will the Bundesliga 2024 winner get in prize money?

Bundesliga prize money

Bundesliga prize money for winners – distribution & breakdown table for each positions and champions 2024

Bundesliga prize money for winners? Want to know the Bundesliga prize money breakdown and distribution table 2024? German Bundesliga Prize money for winners? How much will Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern München, Borussia Mönchengladbach, VfL Wolfsburg and 1. FC Köln get in prize money? Watch & Bet on Football =>

Bundesliga Prize Money: How much will the Bundesliga winner get in prize money?

German Bundesliga prize money 2023/24 New TV Rights Money Distribution System

Germany Bundesliga has announced a massive TV rights deal for the 4 year period from 2020-21 season to 2024-25 season where Bundesliga will earn as much as €4.64 billion (£3.6bn) in domestic TV rights deal.

The news was confirmed by German FA on Thursday and that will make Bundesliga second most lucrative football league only behind English Premier League.

The new deal see 85% increase in the total package from the last 4 year where total package was around €2.51 billion both domestic and overseas rights combined.

While looking at the new deal overseas package the total pacakge from both Domestic and overseas deal might reach around €5.5 billion and that will ensure german clubs will get massive increase in yearly TV revenue.

According to early estimates around €1.5 billion will distributed among teams in the German top 2 divisions every year.

Bundesliga prize money 2019-20Bundesliga TV Money Distribution – German Bundesliga New TV Rights Deal (Details)

This is how much money will be generated with new 4 year deal (2021-2025)

TV Rights Deals Distribution details
Duration 4 years (starting from 2021-22 season to 2024-25 season)
Domestic TV Rights €4.64 billion (£3.6bn) – Confirmed
Overseas TV Rights €1 billion is expected from the oversees deal (yet to be announced)
% increase from last 4 year deal The new deal sees 85% increase in the domestic tv rights money taking it to massive €4.64 billion compared to just €2.51 billion from last deal.
Yearly distribution €4.4 billion will be divided into 4 parts and that takes yearly TV money pool distributed to 18 clubs around €1.4 billion a year.
Distribution model 65% of yearly pool is divided equally while other 35% is divided according to league positions in the last 5 years.

Bundesliga Prize Money: How much will the Bundesliga winner get in prize money?

Bayern Dominance in Bundesliga Prize Money 2023-24

Bayern’s money related strength is grounded in routinely partaking in the Champions League – since the origin of the Champions League in 1992 Bayern have just passed up capability to the challenge on four events. Over that Bundesliga TV cash dissemination nearly guarantees the norm at the highest point of the table.

This season, for instance, Bayern Munich will get €65.4 million from the Bundesliga’s national TV bargain. In examination, Fortuna Düsseldorf, who are positioned toward the end in the TV conveyance table will get just €25.412 million.

Bundesliga TV circulation is dictated by four standards – two distinctive five-year-coefficient rankings, a 20-year-coefficient positioning and the quantity of minutes U-23 players that were educated provincially have played in a season.

Other teams for Bundesliga Prize Money 2023-24

The four standards have granted Bayern Munich with 540, intently pursued by Borussia Dortmund with 509 points. In the interim, Fortuna have only 250 from the four classifications together. It is an entangled framework that makes it troublesome, however not feasible, for littler clubs to ascend the positioning.

RB Leipzig, for instance, are relied upon to acquire €40.352 million from the national TV bargain this season. In any case, another main four completion and the arrival to the Champions League implies that the Red Bulls will see their TV income develop by €15 million as they will bounce from thirteenth spot to the 6th spot.

It is cash Leipzig will require. In spite of the fact that bankrolled by the caffeinated beverages organization Red Bull RasenBallsport Leipzig have been under examination by UEFA’s Financial Fair Play controllers. Thus, the club needs to develop normally and to inevitably rival any semblance of Dortmund and Bayern needs extra income from TV to close the hole.

Regardless of whether the hole to the top can ever be shut under the present dissemination model is not yet clear, in any case. In general, the association will get €1.24 billion in TV cash in 2019/20 (to be imparted to Bundesliga 2).

Kit Sponsors Money for Bundesliga Prize Money 2023/24:

The 18 Bundesliga groups are supported by eleven diverse apparel brands. We will see Adidas, Hummel, Jako, Joma, Lotto, Macron, Nike, Puma, Saller, Uhlsport and Umbro on the Bundesliga pitches this year. This is a considerable amount of decent variety. Contrast it and the Premier League where there are just eight brands supporting 20 groups. They provide over €5 million to teams. And this is per team of the league.

Nike is the primary pack provider with five groups. Augsburg, Eintracht Frankfurt, Hertha Berlin, Red Bull Leipzig and VfL Wolfsburg all wear the American brand. The highest numbers range from €5 million 25 million.

Hence Jaguar, Uhlsport and Umbro pursue by each supporting two groups. German brand Puma supports 2018/2019 other participants Dortmund and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Uhlsport supplies advanced side Köln and Fortuna Düsseldorf. While Schalke 04 and Werder Bremen wear Umbro.

Sponsors budget table for teams:

Sponsor Name Percent of Team money
(In € million)
Nike 27.8 %
Puma 11%
Uhlsport 11%
Umbro 11%
Adidas 5.6%
Hummel 5.6%
Jako 5.6%
Joma 5.6%
Lotto 5.6%
Macron 5.6%
Saller 5.6%

Bundesliga Sponsor Brands

Adidas, Hummel, Jako, Joma, Lotto, Macron and Saller complete the rundown by each supporting one group.

Also seven of the Bundesliga groups are supported by German brands (Adidas, Puma, Uhlsport, Jako and Saller).

Adidas and Puma, two of the world’s greatest outdoor supplies organizations, just support one and two groups individually. Be that as it may, Adidas supports Bayern Munich who won the last seven seasons.

Just one group exchanged brands for the 2019/20 season. Hoffenheim changed from Lotto to Joma.

Current TV rights Money Distribution System

In German football TV rights money distribution is done with pretty simple formula unlike the other three top european leagues (England, Spain, and Italy). Current distribution system comprises of two column payments to the 18 bundesliga clubs. while leagues like England, Spain and Italy uses three pillars of payments to distribute tv funds.

  1. 65% is distributed equally among 18 teams at the end of every season.
  2. 35% is distributed according to historic league positions in the past 5 years.

Hence with the new deal coming into play from the start of next season 2017-18, German FA are in talks with clubs to devise a distribution system where three pillars of payments are used. Currently clubs are pondering whether to use marketing pot. For example fan base, popularity, TV viewership might make decisive numbers for marketing pot distribution.

So how much money German Bundesliga clubs will be earning with the new TV rights deal from 2023-24 season? Traditional top 6 teams will be making between €100 to €120. While bottom club is expected to clear minimum of €60 million with the new deal.



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