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Fortnite Worldcup Prize Money: Winners, Runners-Up and Others’ Earnings!

Fortnite Worldcup Prize Money 2019

Fortnite Worldcup Prize Money? Do you know the Fortnite Worldcup Prize Money? What is the Fortnite Worldcup Prize Money? The Fortnite Worldcup Prize Money is big since the Worldcup is very popular.

Fortnite is a battle royale animation Worldcup played by gamers from all over the world. Let’s take a look at the details  of the Fortnite Worldcup Prize Money:

Fornite Worldcup Prize Money

Fortnite Worldcup Prize Money:

Prize Pool: Fortnite Worldcup Prize Money

Forty million players endeavored to qualify more than 10 weeks of online rivalry however just 100 independent finalists have a taken shots at winning the $3m (£2.4m) prize at Flushing Meadows.

With $30m to be granted altogether, the prize pool will be the greatest parted with at an e-game up until this point – until the yearly DOTA 2 competition in August.

All finalists will bring home in any event $50,000 and the next in line, just as third and fourth-put finishers, will all get moguls.

Fortnite Worldcup Prize Money in Numbers

2: Years since Fortnite propelled. The fight royale game mode that made it probably the greatest thing on earth is considerably more youthful, having landed in September 2017.

3: Days the World Cup ranges, starting today with a Creative occasion and a Pro-Am go head to head.

5: Players whose PCs need to collide with power a change. On the off chance that games like League of Legends, which highlights 10 players in front of an audience, at times need to stop the activity to investigate bugs, envision the specialized difficulties of facilitating and gushing 100 players on a live stage.

10: Number of weeks where qualifying matches were held to see who would make it to the World Cup.

13: The age least to contend in the World Cup.

14: The age of two World Cup qualifiers: Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson from the United Kingdom and Martin “MrSavage” Foss Anderson from Norway.

18: Players who qualified for both the performance and pair finals.

50: Duo groups contending on Saturday. Despite the fact that Fortnite takes into consideration squads of up to four players, Epic has kept group lists for this World Cup to two.

$80: Price to purchase a shirt from the esports group Faze Clan, which has various delegates at the World Cup.

The big numbers for Fortnite

100: Solo players who will battle for endurance on Sunday. The field includes a lot of lesser-known characters, with numerous more prominent players having neglected to qualify. The greatest name in the lineup is Turner “Tfue” Tenney, who made waves this year as a result of a claim against Faze Clan over his agreement with the group.

1,221: Player accounts restricted in the primary seven day stretch of qualifiers. Reasons included record sharing and collaborating with a contender; one was for utilizing bamboozling programming. Prize champs were remembered for these punishments, most deplorably 196 who wrongfully played in various areas.

23,000 or more: The quantity of seats at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, which has a higher limit than Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. The tennis arena is sold out during that time for the Fortnite World Cup.

$50,000: Money ensured for each qualifier at the Fortnite World Cup.

Huge Figures for Fortnite

$1 million: The prize honor every week to the victors of the passing rounds.

1.5 million: Viewership for a year ago’s Pro-Am competition, as per gaming insights site GitHyp. It was the main major Fortnite competition from Epic Games, and Ninja and DJ Marshmello were a definitive victors. Epic attempted to recreate the achievement this year, yet viewership apparently dropped 72%.

$3 million: The prize for the lead position in both the performance and couple World Cup finals. It’s likewise the philanthropy prize for the victor of the Pro-Am competition. By examination, the current year’s U.S. Open Tennis Championships, which will hold its finals at Arthur Ashe Stadium too, will grant the singles victors $3.85 million. The champs of the Wimbledon tennis competition get somewhat under $3 million. In golf, Tiger Woods took the top prize of $2 million at the current year’s Masters.

22 million: The quantity of supporters for Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the most well known Fortnite player on the planet. Regardless of his glory, Blevins neglected to fit the bill for either the performance or pair World Cup. Be that as it may, he will take an interest in the Pro-Am competition today.

$30 million: The all out prize pool for the World Cup. At the point when the number was reported for this present year, it spoke to the biggest prize pool in esports history. Be that as it may, it was as of late beaten by Dota 2’s The International 19, which crowdfunds huge parts of its pool from fans. (At the U.S. Open in August, the complete prize pool will be $57 million.)

40 million: Players who partook in qualifiers wanting to make the World Cup.

Millions to Billions!

$100 million: Amount in prizes that Epic Games will give out through the span of 2019.

250 million: Number of Fortnite players since its dispatch in 2017.

$1 billion: Estimated income that the esports business will acquire this year, as per promoting firm Newzoo.

$3 billion: The benefit Epic Games acquired more than 2018, as per TechCrunch. It might have had something to do with Fortnite.

$15 billion: Epic Games’ valuation following a $1.25 billion subsidizing round the previous fall.



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