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How to watch the World Cup finals: live stream every game anywhere


How to watch the World Cup 2022 for free on TV & stream online!

How to watch the World Cup 20220 for free in UK, US and Canada on TV? How to watch World Cup 2022 for free live online? You can watch How to watch the World Cup 2022 for free.

The FIFA World Cup is turning out to be a magnificent tournament.  You don’t want to miss any action!.

Defending champions Germany are out out! Brazil are favourites along with Belgium, England and Spain.

If you don’t want to miss any more of the thrilling Russia 2022 World Cup, you can find out how to live stream every last minute of the World Cup free anywhere in the world. Here we look at how to watch the World Cup finals- Live stream from anywhere.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 live stream – Where and When: How to watch the World Cup finals live stream

The Russia 2022 FIFA World Cup finals are taking place over 64 matches, in 16 venues, across 13 cities – from Kaliningrad to Yekaterinburg.

Russia 2022 started on June 14 with the tournament lasting just over a month. The World Cup final takes place in Moscow on Sunday July 15.

The hosts Russia are surpassing everyone’s expectations at the moment as they are through to the quarter-finals. The Russian side beat tournament favourites Spain against all odds.

So no, Russia, alongside the likes of Belgium, France and England are in the quarter-finals. And now Spain, Portugal, Germany and Argentina are all out of the tournament. This has been quite an unpredictable World Cup!

The quarter-finals are coming up so you don’t want to miss it! If you want to know where you’ll be able to watch the games, we’ll tell you exactly how you can watch the FIFA World Cup matches. 

And if you’re looking for a free live stream, we can help you. You can also check out our betting guide for the World Cup 2022 here.

Use a VPN to watch the World Cup 2022 quarter-finals from anywhere for free

How to watch the World Cup finals 2018 Online free

How to watch the World Cup quarter-finals? You don’t want to miss any of the upcoming World Cup matches- even if the country where you are isn’t showing certain games.

The UK- through BBC and ITV are televising every game for free- so you can simply use a VPN to login to a UK server. And it’s really easy to do: How to watch the World Cup finals…

How to watch the World Cup finals 2022 Online for free- Stream World Cup 2022

1.Download and install a VPN- Best bet to watch the World Cup for free

We’ve tried all of the biggest VPN services and we rate ExpressVPN as the best. It’s compatible with most devices, supports streaming services and it ranks among the fastest.

You can even install it on devices like a PlayStation. (Although that’s a bit more complicated). You can’t go wrong with ExpressVPN. Although there are other VPN’s which we will list as well. 

What are the best 3 VPNs for streaming Football World Cup online?

1. ExpressVPN:  the best all-round VPN for streaming, comes with 30-day money back guarantee.
2. VyprVPN:  This one has a 40% discount. It also is very fast which makes VyprVPN a great choice for 4K.
3. IPVanish: This VPN supports up to ten devices. This is great for people on the go and who want to watch on cellphone, laptop, TV etc.

Step 2: You just have to connect to the appropriate server location
Just open the VPN app, click ‘choose location’ and select the location. The best bet is to select a UK server.

Step 3: Click on the broadcaster’s live stream or use TVPlayer.com
TVPlayer.com is a good online option in the UK. It will be showing all the games. Otherwise just select the broadcaster you want to use.

What if you want to record the game and watch it later? TVPlayer Plus has a £5.99 monthly fee but it lets you record up to ten hours of TV to watch in your own time.


These are the World Cup matches coming up. The times to watch and the channel to watch in the UK (times in BST):

World Cup quarter-finals watch live online for free!

6 July 2022 (BST)

Uruguay vs France, 3pm (BST)- ITV

Brazil vs Belgium, 7pm (BST)- BBC1

7 July 2022 (BST)

Sweden vs England, 3pm- BBC1

Russia vs Croatia, 7pm- ITV

Live stream the Semi-final matches World Cup 2022 online free

10 July 2022 (BST)

Semi-final 1: France/ Uruguay vs Belgium/Brazil- 7pm

11 July (BST)

Semi-final 2: Sweden/ England vs Russia/ Croatia- 7pm

Third place play-off

14 July (BST)

3pm, ITV

Use a VPN to watch the World Cup 2022 final live online for free

Sunday 15 July (BST)

4pm, BBC and ITV

How to stream the World Cup live in UK?

England’s two free-to-air channels are broadcasting the World Cup. BBC and ITV have an equal number of group stage and knockout games and both will have live coverage of the World Cup final. So you can use the  iPlayer and ITV Hub apps on your phone if need be.

If you don’t know what TV Channel to choose then just use the TVPlayer.com site instead. That hosts all UK freeview channels, so select whichever one is showing the match.

How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in USA? Free live stream online in USA!

Fox Sport is the official US broadcaster, with a selection of matches during the group stages. Even better, if you have cable, you can watch every single World Cup 2022 match on Fox either at home, online or on the Fox Go app for phones.

If you live in America but wan’t to have the UK broadcast and commentators- then use a VPN. Just use ExpressVPN. 

How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Canada? Free live stream online in Canada!

CTV/TSN is the official Canada broadcaster. The CTV Go app is also a great option.

If you live in Canada but don’t have cable, then use the instructions we have described above instead.

How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Australia? Free live stream online in Australia!

Official broadcaster Optus Sport ($14.99 a month/14-day free trial), messed things up catastrophically. They were meant to have coverage of all games – but frequent crashes and lagging have really angered a lot of Australians!

Free-to-air channel SBS is showing the semi-finals and final free. But they have now agreed to show the quarter-final matches free as well to make up for Optus massive mistake.

If you live outside the country and for some reason want to have Australian commentators, then you can use a VPN as we have described above.

How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in New Zealand? Free live stream online in New Zealand!

Sky Sports have the rights to show the World Cup finals from Russia in New Zealand.  That means Kiwis will have access via the Sky GO app for subscribers as well.

And if you’re a Kiwi living abroad, you can still access the coverage by using a VPN as we have described above- Just use ExpressVPN. 

Where else in the world can you watch the World Cup using a VPN?

ExpressVPN will allow you to watch every 2022 World Cup fixture from anywhere.
That includes all the competing countries and anywhere else on Earth: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt,  England, France, Germany, Iceland, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Uruguay and many more!

How to stream all the FIFA World Cup knockout games to your TV?

The ability to live stream all the football you want to your phone or tablet or TV is one of the many great things about modern day technology. And if you want to stream the World Cup from the internet to your TV? Well try a streaming box or use a ChromeCast.

Watch the World Cup knockout games in 4K?

BBC will show all World Cup finals matches in 4K via its iPlayer platform. But of course, you need a 4K TV, which many people don’t have.

If you’re one of the lucky ones that do- then you probably don’t need explaining on how to use it. This is also available via the iPlayer app on PlayStation 4 Pro consoles. FIFA World Cup knockout games in 4K resolution? Yes please!!!

But one snag- the trial is on a first-come, first-served basis. The BBC is continuing to run the World Cup in 4K as a trial.

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