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3 Underdogs to bet on for The 2022 World Cup

3 Underdogs to bet on for The 2022 World Cup

Underdogs to bet on for The 2022 World Cup

3 Underdogs to bet on for The 2022 World Cup! The 2022 FIFA World Cup, to be held in Qatar, is quickly approaching. Finally, all 32 qualifying positions have been filled, and football fans worldwide can discuss their national team’s chances. Gamblers are eagerly waiting to see their favourite teams featured in the sportsbook of their choice.

The competition has captured the attention of many as the three underdogs will battle up for the grand prize along giant teams. The teams are ready, and all eyes will be glued on the screens until the last whistle is blown, determining the team that will win the golden trophy.

Please read on and learn more about the three underdogs to bet on for the 2022 world cup.


Football in Ukraine has changed. Since Liha became Premier Liha in 2008, the national team has been more competitive. Ukraine’s national team (Blue and Yellow) came second in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Group D qualifying and will be one of 32 teams in Qatar.

Ukraine’s past wins and FIFA ranking

In the FIFA ranking updated register, Ukraine’s National team ranks 27th. FIFA published another scoring of national teams. Ukraine still ranks 27th on the list. The Blue and Yellows, as the Ukrainian national football team is known, played five matches in June (Scotland – 3: 1, Wales – 0: 1, Armenia – 3: 0, and Ireland – 1: 0, 1: 1), having 1542.79 points.

Contenders for the Ukrainian national football team’s League of Nations crown occupy the following places in the register:

  • Scotland – 45th (-6);
  • Ireland – 47th (0);
  • Armenia – 92nd (0).


Ecuador ranks 44th in the FIFA ranking with 1463.74 points. Despite various problems with management, the team is one of the best in South America.

Ecuador’s Past Scores

Ecuador has never won the World Cup. Ecuador qualified for its fourth World Cup, and the team’s greatest performance was in 2006 when they were eliminated in the Group stages.


Qatar is the host of the FIFA 2022 World Cup and its national team will also be competing. The team has also prepared well, as the stats below reveal.

All-Time World Cup Stats for Qatar

  • Games Total 76;
  • Goals 150;
  • Goals Against 67;
  • Games W/D/L 41/ 14/ 21;
  • Avg. Goals / Match 1.97;
  • Avg. Goals Against / Match 0.88.


  • Most Goals Scored – 15 – Mohammed Salem Al-Enazi;
  • Most Matches – 26 – Mubarak Mustafa Fazli;
  • Most Yellow Cards – 6 -Yousuf Adam Mahmoud;

Home Team’s Old Triumphs

The Qatar national team won multiple matches and can prove its worth by competing like any other qualified team.

29/03/22 FRI Qatar 0 – 0 Slovenia
30/07/22 IF Lazio 0 – 0 Qatar
20/08/22 IF Qatar 2 – 2 Morocco A’
23/08/22 HYF Qatar 2 – 1 Ghana A’
26/08/22 FRI Qatar 1 – 1 Jamaica

Who Are The Favourites of The World Cup?

History reveals that most favours go to teams with higher prospects of winning, such as Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, and others. The underdogs aren’t favourites to win the World Cup, but it could be their first.

Brazil leads with five World Cup titles, having won in 1958,1962,1970,1994, and 2002 World Cup tournaments. Germany comes second with four World Cup titles after clinching victory in 1954,1974,1990, and 2014.

About the Groups

Brazil is in Group G with Switzerland, Cameroon, and Serbia. The group is relatively weak and Brazil would face number two in Group H in the first knockout round if they top the group.

On the other hand, Germany has the potential to sail to the finals. The Germans are in one of the toughest groups that comprise Japan, Spain, and Costa Rica. Topping Group E for Germany will be a route that leads them to finals.

Betting On Your Favourites

Brazil seems to be the favourite according to various sportsbooks, followed by England and France. The Brazilians have players such as Neymar, Richarlison, Casemiro, and Vinicius Jr, who have shone in various leagues.

Gamblers can hardly ignore Spain, who clinched the trophy in 2010. The squad is full of talented players such as Gavi and Pedri, who will likely feature in the Qatar significant tournament.

Germany will have to prove to its fans their competence with the ball, as their chances of winning stand at 9%. The underdogs have also consistently proven themselves to get a position in the great tournament, and their efforts cannot be sidelined. However, this is football, and all gamblers should bet responsibly through legit operators.

The World Cup Draws That Changed The Odds

The odds of winning the World Cup change dramatically due to group stage draws that make the team favourable or unfavourable. Iran, which was grouped with England, the USA, and Wales, was the most affected as its odds increased.

The odds of Saudi Arabia skyrocketed after falling into the same group as Argentina, Poland, and Mexico. Netherlands’ odds reduced after being selected in Group A along with Qatar, Ecuador, and Senegal. Japan’s odds were also cut by being placed in the group E alongside football giants Germany and Spain.

2022 Tournament might surprise us all

This year’s tournament will be unusual. First, it’s the first winter competition because it’s in Qatar. The competition has never been held in the Middle East previously.

With so many unknowns in this year’s tournament, an underdog can make history.

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