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5 Most Controversial Transfers Of All Time: Most Disputed Transfers!

5 Most Controversial Transfers Of All Time: Most Disputed Transfers!

5 Most Controversial Transfers Of All Time?

Do you know who and what are the most controversial transfers – of all time? There have been several transfers in football over the years and some have been for good and others were backed with some scandals. Here we have detailed the 5 most controversial transfers that ever happened in football history. Read on to find out about the most controversial transfers of all time! Watch & Bet on Football Live =>
5 Most Controversial Transfers Of All Time: Most Disputed Transfers!

5. Ashley Cole from Arsenal to Chelsea in 2006

Ashley Cole can’t be effectively overlooked by Arsenal fans following six superb and beneficial years after his advancement from their childhood group. However, many Arsenal fans felt that he was somewhat a “traitor” to the club – especially due to the fact he left his home club for their immediate rivals Chelsea. However, Cole also had his say in this matter.

The reason he left was that he got the news that Arsenal would be paying him only 55,000 euros a week – not even 60,000 euros. That was considerably less, considering his position in the club and the years he gave to Arsenal. This was his reaction when he heard the news of his low wages.

“He [Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein] is taking the piss, Jonathan!”, Cole fumed, recalling also that he almost drove off his car off the road in shock. “I was trembling with anger. I couldn’t believe what I’d heard.”

Cole was intensely fined by the FA that season for offense and Chelsea were blamed for unlawful contact and tapping up of the player as the two gatherings met behind Arsenal.

A risky move and he had to deal with the fall in the popularity ladder for years to come.

4. Luis Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid in 2000 – One of the most controversial transfers

One of the best players and midfielder Barcelona ever had, Luis Figo shocked the fans in the football world and the club by moving to their sworn rivals Real Madrid in 2000. Although there had been other players in the past who had made such a move, Figo’s transfer shocked all. So what was such a big deal about his transfer to Real Madrid?

Luis Figo was Barcelona’s ultimate star. Think Lionel Messi, but in 2000. He had helped the Catalan club claim back to back La Liga titles, two Copa del Reys and the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup – and many more titles. However, his move happened due to an under the wraps deal with him and Florentino Perez, who was trying to become Real Madrid’s president. Basically, the gist of it is that if Perez became President, Figo would move to Real. If Perez failed, Figo would get a million euros. And for Figo (and pretty much everyone), Perez’s presidency didn’t seem too likely.

But, as luck would have it, Perez won (note: with flying colours) and Figo went over to Real Madrid – with a hate stamp on him by the Barcelona fans for the rest of his life. So much hate that when he came out on Camp Nou wearing Real’s shirt, fans hurled a massive pig’s head at him. Ouch. Watch & Bet on Football Live =>

3. Van Persie from Arsenal to Manchester United in 2012

Van Persie was definitely one of Arsenal’s favourites – and was especially a hit with the fans.

In 2012, the Dutchman held a standoff meeting with the mentor and the board to decide his future at the club. After the gathering, Van Persie concluded that the time had come to proceed onward as his aims were not definite with that of the club owners.

Van Persie’s last season was one of his best in North London as he was without damage in that season and conveyed the group on his shoulders. Along these lines, when he was leaving, the fans were rankled. More regrettable still is that he decided to move to an immediate opponent – Manchester United.
5 Most Controversial Transfers Of All Time: Most Disputed Transfers!
Weapons store fans felt deceived and named him a trickster since they remained by him during his damage emergency. In this way, they anticipated more steadfastness.

2. Johan Cryuff from Ajax to Feyenoord in 1983

He was considered as one of the best footballers on the planet. However, he faced a low dip in his career in 1973. Subsequent to driving Ajax to the Eredivisie title in 1983, Cryuff was not offered another arrangement.  This caused him to do the exact opposite thing that any Ajax fan would have ever envisioned.

Cruyff joined Feyenoord, Ajax’s most outstanding adversaries. He joined on a one year bargain which incited gigantic turmoil and fan dissents all through Amsterdam.

In spite of the fact that Ajax beat Cryuff’s Feyenoord 8-2 in that season, Feyenoord, in the long run, won the title. Furthermore, he did a twofold by winning the Dutch Cup. Luckily for Ajax, Cruyff stayed at Feyenoord for only one season before coming back to Ajax in a training job. A sparkling profession for the Ajax man took a fascinating new development because of his lone season in Rotterdam.

1. Neymar from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017

It was rather a jolt for pretty much everyone when it was confirmed amidst all the rumours. That Neymar had indeed been signed off to Paris Saint-Germain for a rather high fee of 222 million euros. It was a record-breaking transfer fee at that time in 2017. No one really through he was going to see through the deal.

However, Barcelona did try to do everything possible to get Neymar back on their team in the summer of 2019, according to BBC news.

“We made a very big effort to get Neymar,” said CEO Oscar Grau.

The Ceo added: “We did everything possible. We made two offers, one including players and one without them. But we got the feeling PSG never wanted to sell him.

“We are not going to lose control when it comes to players. Also, we want the best team around but we also want to be sustainable.” Watch & Bet on Football Live =>

He was booed by the fans when he played his first PSG game.
5 Most Controversial Transfers Of All Time: Most Disputed Transfers!

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