5 players who despise football

5 players who hate football

3. Curtis Woodhouse
5 players who hate football
Curtis Woodhouse was an England U21 star who played from 1997 to 2006, before quitting the sport to turn to professional boxing at the age of 26. However, he returned to football as a part-time player, signing for Rushden and Diamonds in November 2006.

He played until 2012 and retired at Sheffield United. When asked about his views on the beautiful game, here’s what he had to say:

“The best years of my life were 10 to 17. That was when I desperately wanted to be John Barnes and to play for Liverpool and England. Once I became a pro, I felt it was over. I loved the journey; I despised the destination.”

“People asked how I could walk away from all that money, but the more money I earned the more I hated football.”

It’s pretty amusing to know that the number of players who despise the sport exceeds than those who are mentioned in this list.

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