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5 weird phobias of footballers

Image: BIldByran

Footballers are role models for every fan who loves the beautiful game. They attain greatness through tremendous dedication and hard work.

However monumental they might be following their deeds, footballers are still flesh, blood and bone just like us commoners. Just like normal humans, they too have fears about some or the other thing.

Surely every one of us would like to sneak a peek into their personal lives and know what they fear the most, won’t we? That being said, let’s have a look at five footballers and their weird phobias.

#5 Matt Holland – Fear of Cats and Dogs

5 weird phobias of footballers 1
Image: BildByran

Matt Holland is a retired Republic of Ireland international who spent his entire career playing in the English top-tier and second-tier.

He is mainly known for his time at Ipswich Town where he made 223 appearances. Apparently, he is also well-known for his fear of cats and dogs. Although he did mention his immense love for horses. Imagine fearing dogs in contrast to large animals like dogs!

He said,

“I am scared of most animals and won’t have cats or dogs in the house but I really enjoy horses.”


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