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Arsenal have messed up…BIG TIME!


Danny Welbeck now out for ‘months’ and leaves just one striker

Arsenal Football Club have just announced the news that Danny Welbeck will be out ‘for months’ after undergoing surgery on his left knee.

Now the striker has been sidelined since April. He picked up the injury during last season and missed the remainder of the campaign. However, throughout the end of last season, Arsene Wenger continued to stress that Welbeck will be back.

The first deadline was the FA Cup Final. He missed that. The second deadline was pre-season friendlies abroad. He missed that. He was then tipped for the Emirates Cup. He missed that.

So in Arsenal‘s heads, they should be thinking by now, right Welbeck may not be back anytime soon, in fact, he may miss some of next season, lets make sure we are prepared for that.

What would you do? You’d sign a replacement striker/winger.

It was well documented Arsenal wanted Karim Benzema. Sadly for them, they missed out on him when the Real Madrid star confirmed he’d be staying at the Bernabeu.

No Plan B.

Wenger refused to sign anyone else because they wouldn’t have been Plan A. It was Benzema or nobody. Arsenal signed nobody.

So you’d think it was just bad-timing regarding the Welbeck news. You’d be wrong.

Welbeck had the surgery LAST WEEK! This gave Arsenal seven days to find a striker. Whether it be a permanent deal or just a loan deal to cover. They had a week to sort something out.

Once again, no Plan A meant no to Plan B. Nothing happened.

Arsenal fans were furious enough when they realised no striker would be arriving on deadline day, and just two days later the football club announce their back-up striker has had surgery.

One Striker At The Club

This news leaves Arsenal with ONE striker until January at least. Olivier Giroud. A striker that a lot of fans hate and criticise week-in, week-out.

You could say they have Theo Walcott, but if you watch him play, the majority of the time he fails to impress up front. Yes he has a good game against the lower-league teams at home, but away from home and against bigger teams, he fails to make an impact on the match and goes the whole game unnoticed.

For a club as big as Arsenal, to allow something like this to happen is inexcusable and borderline laughable.

If Giroud gets injured, what on earth do you do?!?!

Then you go back through the squad, if Francis Coquelin gets injured, what do you do?!?! But that’s another point altogether.

Arsenal Football Club should never be relying fully on one option, and that’s how they’ve left themselves for at least four months until they can sign again.

What a ridiculous saga and what a strange time to announce the news.

Written by Alex Batt – @AlexBatt


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