Home Football Bale’s agent hits out at ‘experts’ and their ‘opinions’

Bale’s agent hits out at ‘experts’ and their ‘opinions’

Bale's agent hits out at 'experts' and their 'opinions'

Gareth Bale’s agent earns a hefty chunk from the player – via his transfer fees, salary, endorsements, his public image bonuses.

Hence, its no wonder he not only gets upset but also personally affected every time there are rumors about the player – as if it is illegal to write tabloid or report on the ‘Prince of Wales’.

“Nothing bad has ever come out of Real Madrid about Gareth Bale, and Zidane has never said anything bad about Gareth Bale, but the press keep on making things up,” Barnett told talkSPORT.

“So-called ‘experts’ come on television time and time again and say things like ‘the biggest problem with Gareth Bale is that he doesn’t speak Spanish, and it’s a disgrace’. Those people have never met him, and never asked anybody, so I have no idea where they get this opinion.

“Gareth Bale speaks Spanish, so I don’t want to hear these so-called ‘experts’ who make complete idiots of themselves when they come on TV to speak rubbish.


“And I also blame the TV companies for bringing these so-called ‘experts’ on; how can these ‘experts’ on Gareth Bale speak about Gareth Bale when they’ve, a) never met him, and b) wouldn’t even recognise him half the time. It’s a joke!”

“[His relationship with the club] always been good. I’ve had the most fantastic relationship with the president, the chief executive and Zidane.

“We’ve obviously said words with each other, but everybody has an argument or so. But it’s never been personal and its never been bad, and we are all on good speaking terms.”

It would be one thing to blame the media for their lies but we pretty much have an open and shut case of how much exactly Zizou and Bale hate each other, Barnett. So why don’t you sit down?

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