Home Football Cesc Fabregas: ‘Antonio Conte puts this in our brain every day’

Cesc Fabregas: ‘Antonio Conte puts this in our brain every day’


Cesc Fabregas has revealed just how demanding Antonio Conte can be as a coach,

However, Cesc admits the Italian’s approach to football has injected the Chelsea squad with a winning mentality.

The Spanish midfielder admits Chelsea’s top form this season is down to the mentality Conte has brought with him to the club.

“He’s very demanding in that he wants to win,” Fabregas told Chelsea’s official website.

“He puts the word ‘win’ in our brain nearly every day – win, win win. Improve, improve, improve.

“That’s a mentality we have to follow. That’s very important. In football you can be the best in the world, you can play with the best in the world, you can have played 1000 games or scored 1000 goals, but the most beautiful thing about football is that you can always improve.”

He added: “You are doing what you love. Obviously there are hard moments. Not everything is fantastic. You have to be ready for that, but there is something about the ups and downs football gives you that is the reason why we love this sport so much.

“Even the difficult moments make you stronger and better. To always have the mental strength to overcome them is fantastic, and to be on top of the game for so many years, since a very young age, makes me proud.”


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