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Cesc Fabregas says Theo Walcott for £20m was seriously undervalued


Cesc Fabregas: Theo Walcott’s Undervaluation

Cesc Fabregas has recently sparked discussion by stressing the underrated talent of former Arsenal teammate Theo Walcott. Fabregas, famous for his creativity on the pitch, lauded Walcott’s often-overlooked skill set.

During his time at Arsenal, Walcott’s burning pace and aptitude for well-timed runs made him an explosive player. With promising beginnings, his 2018 move to Everton for a fee of £20 million sparked eyebrows, leading Fabregas to reflect on what he’s done.

Speaking on BBC’s Planet Premier League, the Spaniard said: “He basically was so fast that even overhitting it a little bit more, I know he will get there even if the ball is not great.

“This is a fantastic thing for a midfielder when you have a striker or winger with the pace of Theo and with the intelligence of the run. We can talk about Theo’s career, the goals he scored and everything he has done at a young age playing for England… But the timing of his runs, for me, is second to none.

“I can only compare him to Pedro – Pedrito – the one from Barcelona. I had the same connection with him and for me, they are both very undervalued in this regard.

“People talk about fast players or one-v-ones, but the timing of the runs is maybe even more important than anything because if you’re fast and you’re intelligent, you can get so many one-on-ones against the goalkeepers.”

Walcott has 108 goals and 79 assists in 397 Arsenal appearances, which is a good production. However, Fabregas thinks that given Walcott’s potential and talent, these figures fall short of expectations.

In a period when speed and precision were valued, Walcott’s qualities were seen as valuable by his colleagues. However, the Englishman’s path prompted many to wonder what may have been, leaving an everlasting mark on Arsenal’s history.

As Fabregas emphasizes the undervaluation of Walcott’s contribution, football fans ponder on the legacy of a player whose potential may have exceeded his achievements.

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