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Chelsea launch attack on Premier League referees


Chelsea have launched an attack on Premier League referees via their official website, claiming that they don’t get enough penalties. An article was posted today titled ‘Penalty Puzzle’ and the basis of the article was that it says the club have not been gifted enough penalties this season.

The Blues have had just two all year and haven’t had one in four and a half months. Over the previous five years – as the article itself mentions – they have had 7, 11, 5, 8 and 12 penalties awarded. The article also looks at key points in the season where they believe the club should have had a penalty. Here are some of the things it said:

“It is in our 28 Premier League games this season where we have been awarded just two penalties. So this season’s tally of two unquestionably bucks the recent trend. Yet our position as clear league leaders and second-highest scorers suggests we can’t be labelled anything other than an attacking side, spending plenty of time in the opposition box.

“Our two closest challengers in the Premier League this season, Manchester City and Arsenal, have both been awarded seven penalties – the most in the division. City have only scored one goal more than Chelsea and Arsenal two less.

“Of course, it could be that when teams have played the league leaders they have been particularly careful inside their own area. We all have plenty of recollections suggesting this is not the case however.”

It is a bizzare article and attack on Premier League officials and with Jose Mourinho already speaking about a ‘campaign’ against Chelsea this year, it is bound to add more fuel to the fire.

By Charlie Gregory

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