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Claude Puel gives update on Harry Maguire’s future at Leicester City


Leicester City coach Claude Puel made it clear that Harry Maguire is staying at Leicester City. The 25-year old center-back was linked to Manchester United for quite some time thanks to his performances at the World Cup. Claude Puel said that with only hours to go before the transfer window closes, he can’t afford to make changes in his squad.

Speaking in a press-conference, Puel said, “I can confirm he is going to Manchester but only for a couple of hours on Friday night [for the match]. I am happy to keep Harry of course and all our best players. I want to keep all our best players for this season to keep a good ambition.We lost Riyad (Mahrez) he was a valuable player for us but was important to keep all our best players and have good additions for the squad. Harry came back with a smile. I’m happy about with his attitude in general, he has good mentality and good spirit. It was important for him to remain with us and keep strong momentum for this season. I am happy to keep him.”

Regarding a world-record bid from Manchester United, Puel said, “We have had good speaking with Harry recently and with the chairman also and we cannot change our things just before a game and just before the new season, it is not possible for us. We have to prepare this season with good possibility. For me it was important to give Harry the feeling when he came back with us to come back into a squad with good strength and good ambition and I think in the transfer window for us we show him we have good attributes, good players and a good balance in the squad.”

Leicester City begin their Premier League campaign against Manchester United tomorrow.




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