Conte explains the problem with Costa at Chelsea

Conte explains the problem with Costa at Chelsea


In new interview with the Times, Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has laid out the issue with anarchy in the locker room

And one player seems to fit the description, that being out cast Diego Costa.

Last season, Costa it was reported that he had a public falling out with his manager during Chelsea v Leicester game in the Premier League.

Without naming Costa directly, the Italian manager has briefly touched on the issues of player power during a new interview with the Times.

Conte made the following statements:

If you want an identity you need all players to go into your idea. Otherwise it is very difficult if I want to give the identity to the club and ask the No 10 to stay in his position and this No 10 is around the pitch, it is very difficult to give this identity. The coach becomes crazy . . . this is true.

The coach must be in total control of the dressing room. Otherwise there is anarchy. Yes, anarchy.

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