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Conte has told Abramovich to Sign Premier League striker | However…


According to reports from the Daily Star from reports in Spain, Antonio Conte wants to sign Swansea striker Fernando Llorente.

Lets take a look at Fernando Llorente:

So  he’s 31 years old, has made 16 appearances, played 1058 minutes, scored 6 goals and has 0 assists.

Not too bad…

And Conte is familiar with him having spent two seasons together at Juventus.

According to the Daily Star using Spanish newspaper AS as a source, “The Italian wants to bring the 31-year-old to Stamford Bridge to fight Diego Costa for the striker’s spot.”

Ok, Three main issues I have with this story:

  1. Why would Conte want to bring in a 31 year old player when he has other viable options like Michy who he has mentioned many times now?
  2. Why would he bring in Llorente to ‘Fight’ Diego Costa for the strikers spot?
  3. The Daily Stars headline for this is Antonio Conte tells Roman Abramovich: Sign me this Premier League striker, except, nowhere can I find any proof that actually happen, none, nil, zip…Nothing!

Smells like more Fakenews!

So let me get this straight, you have a prolific goal scorer (Costa) and just to be a douche Conte is going to bring in a 31-year-old striker to fight for the spot.

You know what, usually I’ll rip this apart a bit more, but, this time I want to hear from you.

Let me know what you think…I’m calling BS

Is Conte that self destructive he want’s to put his best striker off his game, right now, right smack bang in the middle of the season by bringing in Llorente as the Daily Star are reporting, would he really do that while Chelsea are on top?

Remember people. the…mainstream…media…is…all…fake…news!

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