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Copa del Rey Final 2020: date, time, UK TV channel & tickets!

Copa del Rey Final 2020 date, time, UK TV channel & tickets!

2020 Copa del Rey Final: details about the Spanish Football Cup final!

Copa del Rey final 2020? Are you looking for info about the 2020 Copa del Rey Final? Here you will find all the information you need to know about the Spanish Football Cup final 2020. You will find information about Copa del Rey date, time, kickofftime, arena and where to watch Copa del Rey online and on TV in UK.

Spanish Cup final 2020

The Copa del Rey Final was supposed to be hosted on 18th April. The knockout competition starts in November and ends with two teams playing the Copa del Rey final! The kick off time for the final is yet to be announced after CoVID postponed play.

What is the Copa del Rey? The Copa del Rey, the King’s Cup in English, is an annual football cup competition for Spanish football teams. Its full name is Campeonato de España – Copa de Su Majestad el Rey de Fútbol (Championship of Spain – Cup of His Majesty the King of Football).

The cup competition was founded in 1903, thus making it the oldest Spanish football competition. Well, the winner of Copa del Rey goes to the UEFA Europa League; unless they have qualified for the UEFA Champions League.

Copa del Rey Final

Copa del Rey 2020: date, time, kickoff-time and stadium!

The 2020 Copa del Rey has been rather different. The big teams rather unexpectedly went out early. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid the traditional winners of the tournament all bowed out. This has opened up people to watching new teams play in the Copa del Rey 2020!

When is the Spanish Cup final 2020?

The Spanish Kings Cup final will be held on some time this month. The final Copa del Rey 2020 is expected to have a new champion. The last final was between Valencia and Barcelona. It was an exciting final as Valencia edged out Barcelona in a 2-1 scoreline. The big upset saw many neutral fans erupt. However, both teams are not in the competition this season as the Spanish Kings Cup final 2020 is expected to have a new winner.

The following data has been collected from the Copa del Rey quarter-final results and the Copa del Rey semi-final draw. None of the favourites made it to the semi-finals.

Barcelona lost to Atheltic Bilbao, Real Madrid got knocked off by Real Sociedad in the quarter-finals. While Atletico Madrid ended their journey in the round of 16.

In the semi finals, the first leg has been played. Real Sociedad beat Mirandes 2-1. In the other fixture, Athletic Bilbao has beaten Granada 1-0. The second legs saw Real Sociedad persevere while Athletic did so too.

Where is the Spanish Cup final 2020?

Copa del Rey Final 2020 - Tickets, Fixtures, Draws, Results, Winners Today!

Where to watch the Copa del Rey final online and on TV?

So where can I watch the Copa del Rey final? You can watch the Copa del Rey Final online trough …………..

Copa del Rey UK TV: how to watch the Copa del Rey on TV in UK!

The UK time is 1 hour behind the Central European Time.

The time of kick off for the final has not been decided. The kick off time for the semi finals has already been announced.

The following are the channels where you can catch live action for Copa Del Rey.

Country Broadcaster
Spain (Spanish) Mediaset, DAZN, Movistar+
United States of America (English) ESPN

Unfortunately for the people in UK, there are no live broadcasters for people to watch the match.

Recent winners of Spanish Cup final

Here is a list of previous winners of the Copa del Rey

Year Team 1 Team 2 Winner Score
2019 Valencia Barcelona Valencia 2-1
2018 Barcelona Sevilla Barcelona 5-0
2017 Barcelona Alaves Barcelona 3-1
2016 Barcelona Sevilla Barcelona 2-0
2015 Barcelona Athletic Bilbao Barcelona 3-1

Who do you think has won the Copa del Rey the most number of times?

Is Spanish Kings Cup final 2 legs?

Many people ask that is Spanish Kings Cup final 2 legs? No, it is not. It is a common question since most of the rounds except the final are two legs in this knockout competition. However, the Spanish Kings Cup final is not 2 legs.

Spanish Kings Cup final tickets

The tickets for the finals are not all out. Seville is the venue.

Who do you think will win? Granada or Real Sociedad?

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